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RS200 SEAS Open Meeting 2014

  • Photo: racing action

    A delightful day on the water. Wasn't it warm for March? And a decent racing breeze too: enough to dampen, shall we say the spirits, of those who took a few too many liberties with the roll tacks and roll gybes. Amazing to have a 4 way tie at lunchtime after two races, especially as none of those 4 had won a race. The breeze had snakes and ladders galore: I remember on one occasion looking down the course from my vantage point near the windward mark and seeing both the left *and* right hand sides of the beat on lifts and the middle of the course going nowhere fast... There were some very hard fought mark roundings, and, for example, no quarter was given to anyone who'd established an overlap within the circle...

    There's a more complete report on the Y&Y website here and here are the full results . The win went to David Jessop and Clare Michelmore from Papercourt, with Andrew and Jeraldine Peters 2nd. These two managed to get a bit of clear air in the scoring from the next 5, who were all within one point of each other. James and Will Rusden from Royal Lymington got the tie break for third by vitrue of having a race win.

    Julian Bradley from Wembley got the Masters prize, and Andrew Barnett and Debbie Robertshaw the prize for the first local. Non-prize winners (!) but worthy of mention were Harry Phelps and Lucy Ridler, the first U19 crew.

    Here a few of the photos taken of the racing. 
    The gallery of the RS200 SEAS Open at IBRSC can be found here

    16 photographs

    If you'd like copies of photos I took from the event you can email me here, but my enthusiasm for trawling through 400 odd photos to email out a selection is not unlimited - a SAE and a USB stick/SD card with 1GB free coming to me in the post is my preferred route and you can have the whole lot, or for local sailors there are copies on the club laptop.