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New Duty Notification and Swap System

  • We will no longer be using DutyMan to manage duties and arrange swaps.  The reason for this is while DutyMan worked well it was a pain to manage and keep up to date as members joined and left.  This will also save us some money.

    Duties after 31st March will be managed through the membership web site, ehich is the same place to join, renew membership or book courses.  The membership site is not the club's public web site , which is what you are reading this article on.

    After you log in to the membership site you will see a dashboard page with a list of your outstanding duties (and family members if appropriate).  Next to each duty are two links:

    1.  To confirm you will be attending your duty.
    2.  To request a swap for this duty.

    Clicking on the swap link will take you to a page where you can select the duties you would like to swap with.  Full instructions will be found on this page.

    Members will receive emails requesting a swap and the email will contain two links - one to accept the swap and another to decline.  No need to login to do this.

    10 days and 3 days before your duty is due you will be sent a reminder email.  This email will also contain a link you can use to confirm you will be attending the duty.  Again you don't need to log in to confirm (but you can do so if you wish).

    The duty roster can be found under the Duties menu on the membership website

    If the swap system doesn't work as you expect or you have suggestions for improving it then please let Dave Baldwin know.