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Bar Rota/Committee Volunteers needed.

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Colin and Ann Mattingly are retiring from the bar rota: I understand the commute from the coast is getting to be a bit tedious. Personally I wouldn't travel that far to go sailing regularly, let alone work behind a bar, and I imagine I speak for all of us in saying thank you very much for your contributions to that aspect of the club in recent years. I shan't start on thanks for their other contributions to the club over the years as I should be typing all morning, and its not as if they are leaving us.

So this means we need a couple of volunteers to take on this most vital of volunteer tasks. What it involves is, naturally, opening up the club baron a Sunday and serving the drinks. The team operate a rota so its normally around once a month. One attraction, if being out in the wind and rain doesn't appeal to you so much any more, is that the barrota constitutes a duty team, and thus the members are excused from the normal cycle of race management duty. Contact Eddie Holland or any of the others on the team for details. Bu the way, in case you are concerned, taking up sailing a Lymington Scow is definitely not compulsory.




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