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Round The Island Race 2013

  • On Saturday 3rd Aug (and note that there is no planned sailing on Sunday 4th because of the cycle race) we have the next of our summer events. The format is very simple – how quickly can you do a lap of the reservoir?  It’s like Grand Prix qualifying you pass the start line whenever you want during the qualifying period and sail a complete lap outside every mark. When you cross the finish line at the end of your lap we note the time and work out your handicap time.

    We plan to have club boats available and in the theme of ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’ there will be a prize for the fastest lap on corrected time IN A CLUB BOAT as well as times in your own boats etc. Your choice of which club boat to use.  If we have sufficient entries there may be other spot prizes based on different categories – first Junior, first novice, etc.

    This is a fun event that EVERYONE can enjoy – there’s no start line pressure, in fact we ask you to please NOT start all together but give the Race Officer time to spot you and note your time. 

    Round The Island is planned to run from 11:00 to 13:30 (If the weather doesn’t cooperate we may change the times on the day).

    Lunch planned to be an IBRSC BBQ roughly from 13:30-14:30

    After lunch general sailing plus TEAM RACING - two boat teams – ideally we’d like adult helm junior crew or junior help adult crew but we’re not too picky, two adults will be a suitable weight handicap for any extra experience! The team racing will most likely be in Fevas (possibly Visions as well if lots of entries – we’ll decide on the day based on conditions and entries).  For those of you who haven’t team raced the basic idea is to not come last.  It is effectively last boat loses so slowing the opposition down to allow a team mate to gain is the name of the game.  This will use a very short course in front of the clubhouse – it is a spectator sport!

    In view of no sailing on Sunday we hope there will be a big turnout on Saturday. See you there. 

    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more