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2013 Summer Special

  • Summer Special Start

    SUNDAY 9th JUNE is the summer special.

    Yes it really is summer.  I know it’s been cold and rainy but now the sun is out and we have it on good authority (yes I really have seen an official forecast that says) that Sunday will be warm and sunny with a nice breeze.

    The Summer Special is the nearest we have to a Club Championship including the Masters, Veterans and Juniors. The format for the day is two championship races in the morning starting at 10.30am, followed by a BBQ, then the sailing schools resume for their usual afternoon sessions for a 2pm start.

    The forecast really does looks good and if you haven’t had an Island Barn BBQ it’s time you did!

    How the championship works: 

    TWO HANDICAP RACES both to count. The fleet is divided into key categories for age groups:

    Club Champion:  The normal Club Portsmouth numbers will be used.

    Masters:  Helms 40-49 years old by the day of the race.  Crews can be of any age. The normal Club Portsmouth numbers will be used.

    Veterans: Helms must be 50 years old or more on the date of the event. Handicaps will be based on the normal Club Portsmouth Number modified according to age:

    • The combined ages in years of helm and crew will be used AS AT the date of the event. For single-handed boats the helm's age will be doubled.
    • If the combined age is greater than 100 then the Portsmouth Number will be increased by 2 points per year.
    • If the combined age is less than 100 then the PN will be decreased by 3 points per year.


    Helm aged 55, crew aged 49.  Combined age 104.  New handicap number is
    PN + ((104-100)×2) = PN + 8 .

    Single-handed helm aged 57.  Doubled age = 114.  New handicap number is
    PN + ((114-100)×2) = PN + 28 .

    Helm aged 55, crew aged 39.  Combined age = 94.  New handicap number is
    PN + ((94-100)×3) = PN - 18.

    Depending on entrants there may also be prizes for 60+ and 70+

    After the BBQ the club boats not being used by the Sailing School will be available for use