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Weds 8th May

  • Breeze. A very disappointing turnout actually, but the forecast was dismal and it was drizzling at times - it was almost like last season. I have to admit not going out myself because I wasn't feeling up to it. It was something like 20-25 knots as people started rigging, which is enough for anyone really.

    Anyway, come start time it was down to about 15 knots, and Graham Potters's Albacore, the only member of the slow fleet to actually make the start gun, promptly headed up the beat at a very respectable velocity. Evan Cairns and Kevin Seebalucks Lasers followed at the required interval, followed a couple more minutes later by two boats from the fast fleet and one from the slow fleet!

    So the set off round a rather intricate course, which feature a long beat, a shorter beat, a short shy reach, a very short beam reach, a long broad reach and a long run, but most definitely not in that order. It also featured a reach to reach gybe right in front of the clubhouse and not far from a lee shore. To sailors, unkind that was, to spectators: [grin]. The Lasers were having a spectacular battle early on, match racing feet apart. In fact so engrossed were they in this battle that half way round they realised that they were currently heading for the wrong mark, and had to break off the battle to run down to where they should be. This gave Dave Nunn's RS600 a free pass to overtake them, a free pass which he emphatically did not need...

    By lap two the RS600 was already looking very good indeed, but Clare and Lucy in their RS200, in spite of a shortage of live ballast, were also going well when they picked up a huge gust at the top of the long reach. They rode this all the way down to the aforesaid mark in front of the clubhouse. The gybe mark. With no space to pick the right moment to gybe. With a 25 knot gust. With, yes, well, you've guessed what happened next and you don't need me to tell you...

    From then really Dave Nunn had it all his own way, and as you can see from the results he won handily both standard and personal handicaps. As we are still on one race to count in the series that also puts him in the lead in both series on last race result tiebreak. Now all you have to do is stay there Dave... Evan Cairns took 2nd, Graham Potter 3rd by just two corrected seconds from Kevin Seebaluck, Chris (which flag is that) Smith 5th and a damp Clare and Lucy 6th. The personal handicap results were largely similar, except that Kevin beat Graham by a substantial margin.

    This week's supper was a thoroughly enjoyed Spaghetti bolognese, with or without mushrooms to taste, courtesy of Sophie and Mike Storey. I understand Chilli con carne and jacket potatoes are on the menu for next week... See you there I hope.



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