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Mayday Wednesday Series

  • Well, what a super evening that was... It was reasonably warm, there was a nice breeze, there was close racing, there was one of Kirstie's Thai Green Currys for after the race... Doesn't get too much better than that you know:-)

    Its still short evenings, so Gareth set a medium sized quadrilateral course, somewhat biased as the forecast had the wind clocking round some... It was pretty decently breezy at starts time, although not enough for anyone to inspect the underside of their boats - at least as far as I saw. The first reach was very shy, the run seemed pretty square, and the second reach, well that was fairly shy too by the time we got to it...

    I must admit I haven't too much to report on the starts: I was adopting a low risk approach rather than mixing it up. Graham Potter's Albcore took an early lead from his class, being chased by Nick Mason and son in an RS Vision. Chris Smith's Streaker was also there and thereabouts. As one might expect kevin Pearson was showing well and early at the front of the Laser fleet.

    From the fast start: well the conditions suited my Canoe, and I led them round the first lap: at this stage there were three legs that suited my Canoe and only one that suited Mike & Julie's RS400. From then on the wind started to go round, and also to die down a bit. I thought Mike and Julie were very brave to fly a kite on the shy reach, but no big gusts came and they got away with it, and then took the lead in the fast fleet on the run. Although Graham's Albacore was a good way ahead at this point the first two fast boats were storming round, and I rather fancied the chances of catching the Albacore fairly soon...

    Now though the wind was dropping, and it was also clocking right round. I got ahead of the 400 again on the shy reach and the beat, and lost it again on the run - now a pretty good reach for the 400. The Albacore ahead of us was no longer getting closer so rapidly, and even more disturbingly Kevin Pearson's Laser was not getting much further behind us. By the last lap the wind had clocked so far that the first beat was almost a fetch, whilst the last reach was a pretty square beat... Mike and Julie in the 400 managed to get past Graham's Albacore to get first place on the water, but as the wind came in again after the first three finisher's Kevin's Laser, crossing the line almost level with Richard Barker's Ohantom, looked ominously close... 

    And here are the results. With the race having delivered quite a smorgasbord of wind strengths it was pretty even, but Kevin's Laser took the race by some 16 corrected seconds from Mike and Julies RS400,  which was in turn just a single second ahead of Graham's Albacore. Richard Barker's Phantom took 4th, Chris Smith's Streaker 5th and Glen Smith 6th in a Firefly.

    In the personal handicap Nigel Cope (Laser) took a win for the 2nd week running. I picked up 2nd with my Canoe, Kirstie (Green Thai) Johnson 3rd in an RS 200, Graham Potter 4th, Mike and Julie 5th and Clare James & Lucy Gibson 6th in another RS200.

    Like I said, a super evening. Be good to see some more of you next week.


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