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Anniversary Series April

  • The 2013 Anniversary series kicked off on Sunday 21st. We got some sunshine, we got some warmth, all welcome after - well, the last year and a half really, and we got some wind from time to time, but, I fear, with emphasis on both "some" and "from time to time". 

    There was a nice enough F1 and the start, and indeed at various times during the race, but too often it went flat over one part of the course or another, leaving competitors alternately parked watched everyone behind catching up or parked, watching everyone ahead streak away...

    The race featured the new gold/silver start sequence which is intended to split the fleets up by experience to make a less intimidating croed on the start line for those new to racing. I think the jury is out thus far, the conditions really not being that intimidating anyway... The series also features the now three seasons old IBRSC personal handicap system.

    On review, and after talking to people, we have grave doubts about the results... We'll be contacting folks.

    May I add a couple of personal pleas: if using a handwritten race card please ensure that I will be able to read and correctly spell your name, and if filling in results, please fill in the whole sail number, even/especially for Lasers. Sorting out the personal handicap series results can be long winded enough at the best of times!

    Wednesday Series starts this week: the new season is truly upon us:-)




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