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Update from Working Party


    Many thanks to those who attended the Working Party last weekend in freezing rain and snow. 

    Saturday’s plans were rather put on ice (ha ha) by finding the Whaly Safety Boat upside-down in the water; definitely not recommended for boat or engine. Thanks to the RS200 Open Meeting duty team for getting the boat out of the water, no mean feat in itself when the hull is full of water, and to Alexis and Richard Hill, for draining the engine, flushing out the oil and petrol, clearing the water out of the cylinders and getting the engine running again. At least one of the planned tasks got done – Thanks Charlie for clearing the brambles behind the boats.

    The main tasks for Sunday of laying three new moorings and repairing the East side of the West 2 ramp were completed; the Solo ramp will need more attention in the future. The ever present brambles and other undergrowth at the far ends of the Trailer Park and lower Boat Park, and much of the brambles at the top of the reservoir bank to the far East were cleared. Space was created for club boats close to the ramp. There was also much activity in the clubhouse clearing out the kitchen, sorting our notice boards, clearing away piles of lost property and other general maintenance tasks.

    As you may have seen from the photos in previous news, one very definitely not general maintenance task was the repair to the main clubhouse supports on the side facing the reservoir; without such attention, the roof would eventually have fallen down. Andy C, John and Roy spent at least two weeks preparing for the work, jacking up the roof, cutting away the rotten wood, supporting the shortened timbers and bolting in sturdy metal brackets.


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