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RS200 SEAS Open 2013 Report

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 George Yeoman, Sophie Ormsby's back, and snow!George Yeoman, Sophie Ormsby's back, and snow!

Event winners George Yeoman and Sophie Ormsby (or at least her back!), and snow...

I suppose you know its going to be one of those days when, after cleaning two inches of snow off your car to get to the sailing club you get there to find one of the club rescue boats has capsized at its moorings... However daunted I might have been, however, 30 sailors were quite undaunted, and had brought RS200s along, some from quite a distance.

There was a very decent breeze blowing for the morning race, with all the shifts and gusts anyone could possibly want to make things interesting - plus, I rather suspect, a lot more besides. From the bank it looked as if there were rather more snakes than ladders out there, but if ladders there were then George Yeoman and Sophie Ormsby, in their "brand new this morning" boat found them all and took the morning with two bullets. Second at the lunch break were local crew Carl Mayhew and Harry Phelps. Others, I fear, found some of the more severe gusts a little de trop. I reckon March water is to be the coldest of the year and a considerable number of unfortunates tested my theory.

Lunch must have been warming, because all 15 boats launched for the first afternoon race. Shall we draw a veil over the identity of the kind gentleman who launched one of the ladies teams boats for them, and omitted to put the bung in the boat first? They wouldn't have minded so much if they had found this out before they did two gradually sinking races...

Races 3 and 4 both saw Yeoman and Ormsby initially down the pack, and both saw them take the lead on the last lap. Job, as the Scouts used to say, done. After a 5th in the first race Rob Struckett and Tim Goodhew had come back with a string of seconds, and when race 4 finished these two had sewn up the first two races. They were still keen for more, however and took 1st and 2nd in the 5th race too. This, as it happened, turned out to do a favour for their clubmates Rob Struckett and Tim Goodhew, who took third overall in spite of sitting out the last race. 4th overall were Carl Mayhew and Harry Phelps from IBRSC, who had only needed a 2nd to take third place.

First lady helm was Clare James from IBRSC, 1st over 45 helm Mike Warwicker, sailing with Kate Fitzsimmons from Bough Beech and 1st U19 James Curtis and Olivia Winther from IBRSC/Chichester YC.

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Oh, and and the gentleman who "helped" the ladies launch above? Curiously he "accidentally" "slipped" into the water after racing had finished...

all photos (c) Jim Champ