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IBRSC Members Results Elsewhere

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King George Gallop (Sailjuice) - King George SC -  26th Jan 2020
4th Antonio PASCALI (Topper)
19th Jack HARDY (Topper)
26th Lily BARRETT ( RS Aero 5)
41st Yana SKVORTSOVA (RS Aero 5)
64 entries

A windy day for sailing with quite a few retirements but we fielded the larget visting fleet.

31st Maxi TUSTAIN & Ben IBBOTSON (29er - 2736)
41st Jeff DAVISON  (RS Aero 7 - 2441)
57th Daniel FLETCHER  (Topper - 47028)
96th Jack HARDY, (Topper - 48587)
127th David RYDER  (Laser - 122135)
137th Jo LEAKE  (Topper - 48666)
139th Yana Skvortsova  (RS Aero 5 - 2214)
141st Andrew BARNETT & Jo LLOYD (RS200 - 1635)
156th Megan THOMSON  (Topper - 48692)
169th Mike BARRETT & Simon PERCIVAL (RS Vision - 475)
171st Nick MARLEY & Ian PEACE (RS200 - 818)
173rd Douglas CLOW & Ian HAMILTON (RS400 - 1472)
186th (RET) Gareth GRIFFITHS  (RS Aero 7 - 3175)
186th (RET) Brendan O'LEARY  (RS Aero 7 - 1589)
186th (RET) Cj CAVALLARI & Uta GRIESENBACH (RS200 - 1241)
186th (RET) Lily Barrett   (Topper - 2105)
186th (RET) Elinor O'LEARY & Tbc TBC (420 - 56113)
186th (RET) Reuben HUDSON  (Topper - 48177)
186th (RET) Rory CLOW  (Topper - 47863)
186th (RET) Maisie Bristow  (RS Aero 5 - 2708)
186th (RET) Jibriel BOSTAN  (Topper - 47649)


Grafham Grand Prix (Sailjuice) -  29th December 2019
46th Lily BARRETT (RS Aero 5)

2019 London & South Eeast Topper Traveller Series, after 11 events
Overall Results

1st James Crossley
3rd Bjorn Handley
4th Antonio Pascali
6th Jack Hardy
7th Reuben Hudson
8th Jibriel Bostan
9th Joanna Leake
10th Joseph Mole
11th Madeleine Childs
14th Megan Thomson
15th Andy Peng
16th Johnny Woolgar
17th Kaitlyn Wyatt
18th Rory Clow
24th Anne Fredborg
26th Daniel Fletcher
30th Liam Curran
48th Edwin Cross
49th Thomas Starks
68th Samson Cross
86th Lauren Irons
99th Imogen Martin-Webb
145 Entries

Rooster London & South Topper Traveller at Chipstead Sailing Club - 7th September 2019
1st James Crossley
2ndAntonio Pascali
10th Kaitlyn Wyatt
11th Bjorn Handley
12th Reuben Hudson
15th Joseph Mole
17th Jack Hardy
19th Joanna Leake
20th Jibriel Bostan
25th Anne Fredborg
26th Daniel Fletcher
27th Rory Clow
29th Madeleine Childs
31th Megan Thomson
36 entries

Rooster London & South Topper Traveller at Bough Beech Sailing Club - 1st September 2019
1st James Crossley
3rdAntonio Pascali
8th Andy Peng
9th Joanna Leake
10th Reuben Hudson
12th Jack Hardy
13th Jibriel Bostan
14th Kaitlyn Wyatt
16th Joseph Mole
18th Rory Clow
22th Megan Thomson

Laser Performance UK National and Open Laser Championships, Largs Sailing Club - 27 July / 2 August 2019
Laser 4.7:
4th Coco Barrett
14th Tom Williamson
32 entries

Rooster International Topper World Championship at Medemblik, The Netherlands - 22/26 July 2019
22nd Antonio Pascali
162 entries

RS Aero UK Youth Championships at Rutland Sailing Club - 20/21 July 2019
5 Rig:
2nd Coco Barrett
14th Lily Barrett
18th Yana Skvortsova
29th Maxi Tustain
7 Rig:
10th Maisie Bristow

Topper Open at Felpham Sailing Club - Saturday 13 July 2019
counting towards: SE Topper Traveller Series and WSSYSA Topper Traveller Series
​​​​​​1st James Crossley
7th Madeleine Childs
8th Jack Hardy
9th Joanna Leake
12th Johnny Woolgar
13th Bjorn Handley
14th Joseph Mole
15th Jibriel Bostan
16th Reuben Hudson
18th Rory Clow
23th Imogen Martin-Webb

London & South East Topper Traveller Round 9 at Felpham Sailing Club - 13 July 2019
13th Joanna Leake
18th Rory Clow
23 entries

Topper Traveller Series Newhaven & Seaford Sailing Club 29th June 2019
1st James Crossley
3rd Antonio Pascali
5th Bjorn Handley
8th Reuben Hudson
9th Joseph Mole
10th Jack Hardy
15th Jibriel Bostan

Rooster Topper London & South East Region Traveller Round 7 at Hastings - 22 to 23 June 2019
1st James Crossley
3rd Antonio Pascali
4th Jack Hardy
5th Madeleine Childs
6th Jibriel Bostan
7th Johnny Woolgar
8th Reuben Hudson

Poole Yacht Club - Super Traveller Topper Event Sat 01 Jun - Sun 02 Jun 2019
6th James Crossley
14th Antonio Pascali
23th Bjorn Handley
25th Daniel Fletcher
34th Jack Hardy
36th Madeleine Childs
47th Joseph Mole
54th Jibriel Bostan
57th Reuben Hudson

Laser 4.7 Youth Nationals at the Weymouth & Portland Sailing Academy - 12/18 May 2019
6th Coco Barrett
13th Yana Skvortsova
33rd Thomas Williamson
45 entries

Rooster Topper London & South East Travellers at Downs Sailing Club - 12 May 2019
1st James Crossley
2nd Bjorn Handley
3rd Antonio Pascali
8th Jack Hardy
9th Joseph Mole
10th Jibriel Bostan
11th Liam Curran

Crawley Mariners YC South East Topper Traveller - 21 April 2019 
1st Johnny Woolgar
2nd Andy Peng
4rd Jack Hardy
5th Joseph Mole
6th Jibriel Bostan
7th Joanna Leake
8th Reuben Hudson
10th Edwin Cross
11th Megan Thomson
13th Madeleine Childs
14th Samson Cross

Thamesis South East Topper Traveller Open - 13 April 2019
1st James Crossley
2nd Bjorn Handley
3rd Jack Hardy
4th Reuben Hudson
5th Kaitlyn Wyatt
7th Joseph Mole
8th Andy Peng
10th Joanna Leake
11th Jibriel Bostan
12th Megan Thomson
13th Anne Fredborg
14th Liam Curran
15th Rory Clow

Docklands SWC SE Topper Traveller 16/03/19
1st Madeleine Childs
2nd Bjorn Handley
3rd Jibriel Bostan
4th Reuben Hudson
5th Joanna Leake

RS Aero UK Winter Championship at  Oxford Sailing Club - 16 February 2019
1st RS Aero 9, 1st Master and 6th overall - Garreth Griffiths
5th Lady, 8th RS Aero 5 and 41st overall - Maisie Bristow
48 entries

Sailingfast Laser 4.7 World & European Qualifier Event at Rutland Sailing Club - 9/10 February 2019
4th - Coco Barrett
6th - Tom Williamson
27th - Yana Skvortsova
43 entries

 2019 Topper South East Traveller series at Papercourt Sailing Club - 7th April 2019
1st Bjorn Handley
2nd James Crossley
3rd Johnny Woolgar
4th Andy Peng
8th Kaitlyn Wyatt
10th Jack Hardy
11th Daniel Fletcher
12th Anne Fredborg
13th Jibriel Bostan
16th Reuben Hudson
18th Joseph Mole
19th Lauren Irons
20th Joanna Leake
22th Megan Thomson

45th Bloody Mary, Queen Mary Reservoir Sailing Club - 12 January 2019
35th - Coco BARRETT - Laser Radial
67th - Yana SKVORTSOVA - Laser 4.7
86th - Thomas WILLIAMSON - Laser 4.7
89th - Gareth GRIFFITHS - RS Aero 7
100th - Paul PLAYLE - Solo
118th - Lily BARRETT - RS Aero 5
122nd - Dave RYDER - Laser
129th - Douglas CLOW & Ian HAMIKTON - RS400
178th - Ching WONG & Elinor O’LEARY - 420
181st - Ollie WILLIAMSON - RS Aero 5
187th - Nick MARLEY & Ian PEACE - RS200
202nd - Mike BARRETT & Bob STEER - RS Vision
241 entries


Youth Laser Late Autumn Regatta 2018, Poole Yacht Club - 10th & 11th November
3rd - Coco BARRETT
13th - Thomas WILLIAMSON
27 entries

RS End Of Seasons Championships at Rutland Sailing Club - 3rd & 4th November
3rd Aero - Jeff Davidson
18th RS200 - Nick Marley and Ian Peace

UKLA Laser Inland Championships, Rutland Sailing Club - 27th & 28th October 2018
15th - Yana SKVORTSOVA

UK Laser Association Noble Marine Laser Standard and Radial Qualifier 6 at WPNSA, 20 - 21 October 2018 
78th - Coco BARRETT
148 entries

Rooster Southern And South East Bosham Topper Open - 17th October
18th - Roccia Pascali
49 entries

RS Aero UK River Championship at Upper Thames Sailing Club - October 6th, 2018
2nd Gareth Griffiths (1st Aero 7, 1st Master)
10th Lilly Barrett (1st Lady, 2nd Aero 5)
22 entries

Rooster Topper South East Travellers at Chipstead Sailing Club - 22nd September
6th Antoni Passcali
31st Megan Thomson
40 Entries

RS Aero Open at Papercourt Sailing Clgaub - 22nd September 2018
4th Gareth Griffiths
12 entries

ITCA(GBR) 2018-19 5.3 GJW Direct National Series 1, Marconi Sailing Club - 9th September
23rd - Maisie Bristow
103rd - Antonio Pascali
127 entries

Rooster Topper South East Travellers at Medway Yacht Club - 2nd September
4th Antoni Pascali
13th Megan Tomson
16 entries

2018 GJW Direct Topper 5.3 National Championships, WPNSA - 6th August
Gold Fleet
8th - Lily Barrett
17th - Thomas Williamson
36th - Maxi Tustain
50th - Maisie Bristow
113 entries

ITCA(GBR) 2017-18 5.3 GJW Direct National Series 6
Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club 16 July 2018

15th Lilly Barrett
18th Thomas Williamson
35th Maxi Tustain
57th Maisie Bristow
124 entries

J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race
Cowes, 7th July 2018

19th Overall & Winner of IRC Class - Mike Jones - Fearnought (Impala)
1204 entries

Massapoag YC Small Boat Regatta, Sharon, Boston, USA - 2nd June
2nd Garreth Griffiths
19 Entries

Broadwater Open Meeting, Middlesex - 21 April 2018
4th Gareth Griffiths
16 Entries

Hamble Warming Pan - 24-25th March
2nd Gareth Griffiths
6 entries

Rooster South East Topper Traveller at Tamesis Club, 24th March 2018
9th Rory Clow
16 entries

Tokio Marine HCC RS Feva Spring Championships at Draycote Water Sailing Club, 24-25 March 2018
20th Ching Wong & Elinor Oleary
61 entries

TCA(GBR) 2017-18 5.3 GJW Direct National Series 3 at Datchet Water SC, 18th March
9th Coco Barrett
21st Lily Barrett
23rd Yana Skvortsova
27th Thomas Williamson
37th Maisie Bristow
57th Maxi Tustain
96 entries

RS Emergence of Seasons Championship at Queen Mary Sailing Club, 24-25th February
RS200 - 8th Andrew Barnett & Jo Lloyd
RS400 - 20th Douglas Clow & Ian Hamilton

Topper Winter Championship at the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy, 24-25th February
16th Lily Barrett
36th Maisie Bristow
43rd Yana Skvortsova
53rd Maxi Tustain
144 entries

RS Aero RS Aero Winters Results, Oxford Sailing Club - 17th February
6th Gareth Griffihs
41 entries

King George Gallop (standing in for the Bloody Mary) - 6th January
13th Yana Skvortsova [Topper] (1st lady, 1st youth and led overall for the first 2 hours)
58th Jack Gilligan [Laser]
65th Nick Marley & Ian Peace [RS 200]


Solo Open at Papercourt Sailing Club - 14th October
5th - Paul Palyle

RS Aero Open at Papercourt Sailing Club - 30th September
1st Aero 9 (1st Master and 3rd overall) - Gareth Griffiths

RS200 SEAS Open at Burghfield Sailing Club - 23rd September
14th Martin & Colin Lown (welldone... 4th in the first race)

Topper GJW Direct National Series 1 at Marconi Sailing Club, 8-9 September
23rd Maisie Bristow
103rd Antonio Pascali
130 Entries

Salcombe Gin - 2017 Salcombe Yacht Club Regatta, 13-18 August
16th - Paul Playle

Volvo GJW Direct Topper 5.3 and 4.2 Nationals at Pwllheli - 5th to 11th August
175 Entries  accross 3 fleets for the Topper 5.3 (full) rig:
Gold Fleet
28th - CoCo Barrett
68th - Lily Barrett
85th - Maxi Tustain
87th - Maisie Bristow
Silver Fleet
5th - Thomas Williamson
33rd - Oliver Williamson

Gul Mirror World Championship at Restronguet Sailing Club - 29th July to 4th August
9th - Chris and Alex Balding

Rooster RS Aero World Championship at Yacht Club de Carnac, France. 24th - 28th July
17th - Gareth Griffiths (Aero 7)

Topper Worlds at  Loctudy, Brittany, France. 24th - 28th July
Over 200 sailors competed across the 5.3 and 4.2 fleets.
20th - Coco Barrett (Gold fleet)
73rd - Lily Barrett (Silver fleet)
99th - Maisie Bristow (Silver fleet)
103rd - Maxi Tustain (1st place Bronze fleet)

Rooster Southern Topper Traveller 7 at Felpham - 21st July
6th - Lily Barrett
7th - Maxi Tustain
19th - Maisie Bristow
33rd - Megan Thomson
35 entries

Allen & PA Consulting RS Feva Worlds in Medemblik, Netherlands. 21 - 27 July
177 entries from 17 nations across Gold, Silver & Bronze fleets
6th (Silver Fleet) - Ching Wong & Elinor O'Leary

RS Aero open meeting at Bradford On Avon Sailing Club - 1 July 2017
2nd - Gareth Griffiths

Topper Volvo GJW Direct National Series 5 at Rutland Sailing Club, 17-18 June 2017
146 entries
24th - Coco Barrett
37th - Lily Barrett
48th - Maise Bristow
54th - MaxiTustain
62nd - Thomas Williamson
78th - Oliver Williamson

Rooster Southern Area Topper Travellers at Poole Yacht Club, 10-11 June 2017
3rd - Coco Barrett

Solo Midlands Area Open at Northampton Sailing Club, 10 June 2017
3rd - Tim Lewis

Solo Open at Bough Beech Sailing Club - 27 May
2nd - Tim Lewis (1st Master) 

Barney Greenhill Whitsun Solo Open at Salcombe Yacht Club, 27-28 May 2017
15th - Paul Playle

Stride Treglown Topper Welsh Championship at Llandegfedd Sailing Club, 27-28 May 2017
3rd - Coco Barrett

RS Feva Nationals at Royal Torbay Yacht Club 27-29 May  (111 boats raced)
47th - Ching Wong & Elinor Oleary

Solo Southern Area Championship at Felpham Sailing Club sponsored by Harken and Hyde Sails, 20-21 May
18th - Tim Lewis

Rooster Southern Area Topper Travellers at Warsash Sailing Club, 20-21 May
13th - Tom Williamson
21st - Maxi Tustain

Enterprise and Solos at Minima Yacht Club, 6-7 May 2017
2nd - Paul Playle (Solo)

Streaker Inland Championship at Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club (7-8 May)
15th - Chris Smith

2017 RYA 31st Eric Twiname Championships (6-7 May) Rutland SC
Feva Class
2nd - Ching Wong and Elinor Oleary 
Topper Class
2nd - James Deaton
14th - Tom Williamson 
39th - Maisie Bristow 
Laser 4.2
30th - Coco Barrett

Volvo GJW Direct Topper National Series 4 and Inlands at Grafham Water Sailing Club (April 29-30)
5.3 Fleet (150 Entries)
14th - Coco Barrett
38th - James Deaton
73rd - Thomas Williamson
76th - MaxiTustain
95th - Maise Bristow
100th - Oliver Williamson

Solo Open at Maidenhead Sailing Club, 23rd April 2017
1st - Tim Lewis

Dinghy Rope Solo Midland Series Event 1 at Draycote Water Sailing Club, 1 April 2017
7th - Tim Lewis

Lennon Racewear RS Feva Spring Championship at Hayling Island Sailing Club, 25-26 March
55th - Ching Wong  & Elinor Oleary

Volvo GJW Direct Topper National Series 3 at Carsington Sailing Club, 18-19 March 2017
124 entries
6th - Coco Barrett
21st - James Deaton
63rd - Maxi Tustain
68th - Thomas Williamson
74rd - Cormac O'Brien
94th - Maisie Bristow
120th - Oliver Williamson

Volvo GJW Direct Topper Winter Regatta at the WPNSA, 25-26 February 2017
124 Entries
10th - Coco Barrett
64th - Lily Barrat

29er Winter Championship and Harken GP5 at Draycote Water Sailing Club, 4-5 February 2017
27th - Hannah Roberts (Cardiff) & Strawanna Rowe (IBRSC)

World Cup Series Miami, 22-29 January 2017
   Nacra 5.2 Catamaran
        1st, Nicola Groves (forward hand - Gold Medal. Nicola was sailing with Ben Saxton

Bloody Mary - QMSC  Jan 7th

18th Paul Playle - Solo
30th Maxi Tustain - Topper
53rd Tom Williamson - Topper
94th Gareth Griffiths - RS Aero9
217th Mike Storey - Laser EPS


Laser Masters Europeans, Hvar, Croatia
13th Laser Radial & 1st Great Grand Master, Kevin Pearson

Solo Western Area Champs, Salcombe
12th, Paul Playle

RS Aero Southern Circuit, Various 
Gareth Griffiths
7th at End of Seasons, Rutland
3rd at Burghfield
5th at Nationals, Torquay

Solo Open, Papercourt
8th, Tim Lewis

Solo Inlands, Rutland
22nd, Tim Lewis

Solo, Salcombe YC Regatta
13th, Paul Playle 

Topper RYA SE Zone Champs, Weir Wood
1st - Coco Barrett
3rd - James Deaton
10th - Maisie Bristow
12th - Lily Barrett
14th - Maxi Tustain
15th - Oliver Williamson
18th - Tom Williamson

Olympic Games, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Nacra 17,  9th Nicola Groves (crew) with Ben Saxton

Topper Nationals, North Berwick
Gold Fleet 49th, Coco Barrett
Silver Fleet 40th, Lily Barrett
Silver Fleet 44th, Oliver Williamson
Silver Fleet 46th, Maxi Tustain
Bronze Fleet 32nd, Ellie Wall

Streaker Nationals, Rutland
17th, Chris Smith

RS500 Worlds, Travemunde, Germany
4th, Peter & James Curtis

Massapoag YC 67th Annual Regatta, Boston, USA (!)
RS Aero
1st, Gareth Griffiths

Sailing World Cup, Weymouth
   Nacra 5.2 Catamaran
        1st, Nicola Groves (forward hand - Gold Medal. Nicola was sailing with Ben Saxton

Topper Inlands, Grafham
  5.3 Rig
        23rd Coco Barrett (6th Female) (also sails for VR race Team)
      108th Maxi Tustain (74th Male)
      116th Lily Barrett (39th Female)
  4.2 Rig
        5th Tom Williamson (4th Male)
        9th Cormac O’Brien (8th Male)
        15th Maisie Bristow (3rd Female)

Laser Masters Worlds, Banderas Bay, Mexico
   Great Grand Master, Radial
       Kevin Pearson, 12th

Sailing World Cup, Hyeres, France
     Nicola Groves (sailing with Ben Saxton):  4th & 1st GBR boat.
        Coming into the medal race they were leading, but went back after an OCS gun
        at the start, and were one place short of salvaging a medal. They have now been
         selected for the GBR team at the Rio Olympics

Topper Winter Regatta, Weymouth
    Maisie Bristow 12th
   Thomas Williamson 13th
   Maxi Tustain 14th
    Coco Barrett 28th
    Lily Barrett 107th

Bloody Mary, QMRSC
Well done to all the IBers at the Bloody Mary yesterday...biggest visiting Club with 11 boats, thanks to Gareth Griffiths (1st Aero7) Paul Playle (3rd Solo), Kiyo Wong, Kevin Seebaluck, Mike Dray, Mike Storey, Douglas Clow & Ian Hamilton, CJ Cavallari & Uta Griesenbach, Ching Wong & Elinor O'Leary, Maxi Tustain, Lily Barrett.

Nacra 17 Worlds, Clearwater, Florida
Nicola Groves (sailing with Ben Saxton):  6th & 1st GBR boat.

Sailing World Cup, Miami
 Nicola Groves (sailing with Ben Saxton):  6th & 2nd GBR boat.


Copa Brasil de Vela 2015 , Rio. Nacra 17 Catamaran
 Nicola Groves (forward hand)  Bronze Medal, also 1st GBR boat. Nicola was sailing with Ben Saxton.

RS Aero Nationals
Gareth Griffiths 10th (9 Rig).

Chichester Harbour Race Week (Fed Week as was)
 Lasers - Paul Wright-Anderson 8th 

ITCA 2015 4.2 National Championships (Leigh and Lowton)
 Maisie Bristow, 36th Overall, (9th Female)
 Cormac O'Brien, 27th Overall (23rd Male)

Topper 5.3 National Championships (WPNSA)
 Ellie Wall, 48th Silver Fleet (22nd Female), 88th Overall

ITCA Topper 4.2 Summer Championships (WPNSA)
Maisie Bristow, 24th Overall(6th Female)

ITCA Topper 5.3 National Series 2014/15
Kiyo Wong, 86th Overall (24th Female)
Ellie Wall, 100th Overall (32nd Female)

ITCA Topper 4.2 National Series 2014/15
Maisie Bristow, 15th Overall , (4th Female)

RS500 Worlds, Aquavitesse, Netherlands
Peter Curtis/James Curtis, 3rd

ISAF SAILING WORLD CUP, Hyeres, France, Nacra 17 Catamaran
Nicola Groves (sailing with Ben Saxton):  5th

RYA Youth Nationals (29er)
Nancy Scott, (Forward hand) 16th (Gold Fleet)

29er Winter Champs at Draycote
Nancy Scott, (Forward hand) 18th

ISAF SAILING WORLD CUP, Miami, Florida, Nacra 17 Catamaran
Nicola Groves (sailing with Ben Saxton):  2nd

Solo Open at Silverwing
Tim Lewis, 1st 
Paul Playle, 3rd


RS500 Inlands
Peter Curtis/Sophie Jones, 1st
(isn't that three years running - at least for Peter?)

Topper Open (National Series), Queen Mary
   Nancy Scott, 29th
   Kiyo Wong, 115th
   Ellie Wall, 143rd

Topper Open (National Series), Paignton
   Nancy Scott, 3rd
   Kiyo Wong, 131st
   Ellie Wall, 153rd

Topper Open (National Series), Rutland
  Kiyo Wong, 72nd
   Ellie Wall, 106th

Phantom Nationals
  Nick Mason, 19th

RS500 Worlds
   Peter/James Curtis, 9th

Nacra 17 Catamaran,  RYA Olympic Classes National Ranking Series Event 1, WPNSA
   Nicola Groves (sailing with Ben Saxton):  2nd

Topper Nationals,  Pwllheli
   Nancy Scott, 17th
   Kiyo Wong, 39th (Bronze)
   Ellie Wall, 53rd (Bronze)

49er FX World Rankings September 2014

   Nicola Groves (sailing with Frances Peters) currently ranked 10th in the world.
       49erFX Worlds, Santander ESP: 18th
       49erFX Rio 2016 Test Eventm BRA: 8th
       49erFX Europeans, Helsinki, FIN: 9th

Solo Southern Area Champs, Bough Beech SC
   Mark Ampleford: 15th

49er FX World Rankings June 2014
   Nicola Groves (sailing with Frances Peters) currently ranked 3rd in the world.
      June Sail for Gold Regatta, Weymouth & Portland, GBR: 4th
      May Garda And Trentino Olympic Week, Riva del Garda, ITA: 17th
      April ISAF Sailing World Cup Hyeres, FRA: 12th
      March ISAF Sailing World Cup Mallorca, ESP: 14th

RS500 Nationals, Weymouth
 Peter Curtis/Sophie Jones 8th

Topper Crewsaver 5.3 Inlands Grafham Water
   Nancy Scott 19th
   Kiyo Wong 141st
   Ellie Wall 164th
(from 170 odd)

Topper Crewsaver 4.2 Inlands Grafham Water
   Maisie Bristow 24th

Papercourt SC Topper 4.2 Open
  Maisie Bristow 2nd

Bough Beech RS200 Open 2014 - April 26th
  Mark Heather & Lucy Preston 2nd
  Dan Goodman & Julie Harrison 4th
  Ian Cleaver & Claire Overstall 13th
  Andrew Barnett & Jo Lloyd 17th

Topper Crewsaver Winter Regatta, Weymouth
   Nancy Scott 18th
   Kiyo Wong 96th
   Ellie Wall 148th

Conditions by all accounts unpleasant, very windy and difficult. It was cold enough here at IBRSC that weekend, goodness knows what it was like in the concrete deserts of WPNSA.

ISAF Sailing World Cup (Miami ORC round) - 49erFX
Nicola Groves (forward hand) Bronze Medal , also 1st GBR boat. Nicola was sailing with Frances Peters.

Copa Brasil de Vela - 49erFX
  Nicola Groves (forward hand) 2nd. Nicola was sailing with Frances Peters.

Bloody Mary
 Carl Mayhew Julie Harrison RS 200 46th
 Mike Storey Laser EPS 72nd
 Paul Playle Solo 91st
 Douglas Clow Ian Hamilton RS 400 123rd
 Clare James Claire Overstalll RS 200 144th
 Kiyo Wong Topper 252nd
 Ellie Wall Topper 268th


Laser Masters World Championships, Oman
Radial Great Grand Master: Kevin Pearson - 7th (including a race win)

Topper 5.3 Autumn Regatta - Female, Carsington Sailing Club
 Nancy Scott - 6th

RS200 Inlands Chew Valley
Dicken MacLean 8th
Clare & Lucy 60th
Ian & Clare 63rd
By all accounts the weather was pretty extreme and our second two teams didn't do many races. Nearly 25% of the entry didn't sail on day two!

RS500 Inland Championships
  Peter Curtis & Sophie Jones - 1st

RYA South East Zone Championships – Queen Mary Sailing Club
 Nancy Scott - 1st
  Kiyo Wong - 26th
  Ellie Wall - 34th
  Maisie Bristow - 39th
  Jamie Mayhew - 49th

49erFX Worlds at Marseille
   49erXX - Nicola Groves (forward hand) 8th and top GBR. Nicola was sailing with Frances Peters.

Open Dutch Skiff Trophy, Bruinisse, NL
 RS500: Peter & James Curtis 2nd
 (plus broken mast, broken kicker, broken trapeze harness!)

Topper Nationals, Weymouth
 Nancy Scott - 44th (from 250)

Topper Worlds, Loctudy, France
 Nancy Scott - 45th (from 102)

Topper Irish Nationals, |Donaghadee NI
 Nancy Scott - 16th (from 75)

Topper National Travellers, Rutland
 Nancy Scott - 30th (from 179)

Topper Inlands, Grafham
 Nancy Scott - 50th (from 178)

Topper National Travellers, Datchet
 Nancy Scott - 54th (from 185)

Apologies for the sudden spate of Topper results: their events have been hard to find on the web this year (note that I haven't found links at all for a couple) and Jude and Nancy have sent me a batch. 

Phantom Nationals, Shoreham
 Nick Mason 15th
 Alex Dawson 25th

Zhik 29er National Championships at Hayling Island Sailing Club, Aug 10 - 16
James Curtis and Harry Phelps, 13th (Silver Fleet)

Volvo Noble Marine RS200 UK National Championships at Mounts Bay SC, Aug 11 - 15
  Dicken McLean 11th
 Andy and Tessa Groves 81st

RS500 Worlds, SS Kaparen, Sweden
  Peter Curtis/James Curtis, 6th overall (equal points to 5th and 3rd British boat)

Laser Masters, Lyme Regis: Radials
  Kevin Pearson 8th (1st GGM)
  Andrew Barnett 25th
    many members will remember Rob Cage, 4th & John Reay, 12th.

49erFX Europeans
  Nicola Groves (forward hand) 5th overall and Bronze Medal (Europeans), also 1st GBR boat. Nicola was sailing with Frances Peters.

Sail for Gold 2013
  49erFX - Nicola Groves (forward hand) 1st - Gold Medal. Nicola was sailing with Charlotte Dobson

National 12 Nationals
   Mike & Sophie Storey 20th & 1st family team. With a third in the last race they also won a prize for the biggest improvement over the series!
  Alex Storey (forward hand) 28th

RS500 Grand Prix at Stone SC
  Peter Curtis & Sophie Jones 1st

EUROSAF Champions Sailing Cup Medemblik, Netherlands
   49erXX - Nicola Groves (forward hand) 11th. Nicola was sailing with Kate Macgregor.

ISAF Sailing World Cup at Hyeres
   49erXX - Nicola Groves (forward hand) 9th. Nicola was sailing with Frances Peters this time.

RS500 Grand Prix at Oxford SC.
  4 Races - 4 wins for Peter and James Curtis: they won.

Solo Open Maidenhead SC
  Gareth Griffiths: 6th.

Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofía MAPFRE - Mallorca 2013
   49erXX - Nicola Groves (forward hand) 10th. I understand the 49erFX sailors are swapping round between events in a squad system. This time Nicola was sailing with Penny Clark, who was the 2008 UK Olympic Laser Radial sailor.

29er Harken Grand Prix 1 at Rutland Sailing Club 16-17 March
  James Curtis and Harry Phelps - 47th ( out of 61, a good result for their first 29er event)

RS400 Sprints at Queen Mary Sailing Club, 8 Mar 2013
  Douglas Clow and Ian Hamilton - 6th

Perisher Pursuit Race - Hayling Island Sailing Club, 16 Feb 2013
  42nd - Nick Marley & Clare Cork (RS200)
  53rd - Mike Storey (EPS)

Topper Winter Regatta, Weymouth
  Nancy Scott - 32nd (from 156)

Royal Thames Yacht Club National 12 (N12) Open Race 2013 at Ranelagh Sailing Club - 27/01/2013
  Mike and Sophie Storey 8th

40th Bloody Mary at Queen Mary Sailing Club.  January 12th.

Bloody Mary 2013 - Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club
Bloody Mary 2013, 340 entries braved the cold

 81st -  Nancy Scott (6th Topper & 7th Lady)
 82nd - Nick Mason (2nd Phantom)
112th - Paul Playle (5th Solo)
128th - Mike Storey (1st, and only! Laser EPS)
146th - Will Scott (12th Laser Radial)
148th - Dave Ryder & Michelle Ryder (8th Fireball)
183rd - Julie Harrison & Tim Chandler (10th RS 200)
216th - Ian Hamilton & Douglas Clow (12th RS 400)
256th - Nick Marley & Clare Cork (12th RS 200)
 OCS - Dicken Maclean & Hannah Young (RS 200)
 OCS - Clare James & Lucy Gibson (RS200)
 OCS - Xavier O-villien & Felicia Green (RS 200)


RS / Crewsaver End of Season Championship, 10-11 November at Datchet Water Sailing Club
  1st - Peter and James Curtis (in fact they won all their races)
RS200 Fleet - Island Barn Reservoir Saing Club
  18th - Julie Harrison and Fiona Fardon
  23rd - Carl Mayhew and Harry Phelps (only competed on Sunday so had 3 DNC scores, but they came 4th in the last race)
  28th - Clare James and Lucy Gibson
  31st - Ian Clever and Tessa Groves
  34th - Nick and Kirsten Marley
> 13th - Douglas Clow and Ian Hamilton

RS800 Inlands, 6th - 7th October
Alex Groves 16th

RYA SE Zone Championships (Toppers)
Nancy Scott 6th

Solo Open Meeting, Papercourt SC 16th September
Gareth Griffiths 5th

Solo Open, Marconi SC 16th September
Paul Playle 7th

GUL RS500 Grand Prix at Parkstone Yacht Club, September 15-16
  Peter & James Curtis 1st

Phantom Nationals - Sunderland YC, Sept 7-10
   Nick Mason 23rd
   Alex Dawson 27th

Laser Masters - Arun YC, Sept 8-9
   Kevin Pearson 12th (1st Great Grand Master)
   Andrew Barnett 23rd
       and old friends Rob Cage 4th (1st Master) & John Reay 11th (2nd Grand Master). Report here

Topper Open Meeting at Crawley Mariners Yacht Club, September 1st
Nancy Scott - 3rd

RS500 Nationals, The Magic Marine UK National Championshipsat Netley Sailing Club. 31 August - 2 September
> 4th - Peter and James Curtis (1st Family)

RS200 Nationals August 19 to 23 Exe Sailing Club
    8th - Dicken Maclean and Hannah Young
    60th - Carl and Julie Mayhew
    75th - Julie Harrison and Fiona Fardon
    78th - Andy and Tessa Groves

Salcombe YC Regatta Week, August 12-17
Solo - Paul Playle: 17th
National 12 - Mike/Sophie Storey: 11th

Phantom Southern Series at Shoreham Sailing Club, August 11-12
Nick Mason - 5th

Harken Topper Nationals at Pwllheli Sailing Club, July 21-27
Gold Fleet
    Will Scott - 106th
Silver Fleet
    Nancy Scott - 34th
    Alsitair Smith - 39th
This year the event attracted 312 entries!

RS Feva Worlds, July 21-27
James Curtis and Harry Phelps were 54th from around 180.

GUL RS500 Grand Prix at Stone Sailing Club - June 30 - July 1st
Peter and James Curtis - 1st overall
(link amended - now to report on Y&Y)

National 12 Travellers at Harwich
Mike & Sophie Storey first family boat & 9th overall.
Alex Storey (forward hand) 6th (and sailing in 40knot gusts on the Saturday!)

Gul RS200 Grand Prix at Beer Sailing Club, 16-17 June 2012
Dicken Maclean and Hannah Young - 6th overall 

Laser Radial Masters - Grafham Water.
Former member Rob Cage won this. No current IBRSC members entered.

Streaker Nationals, Grafham Water
Chris Smith 27th. With 30 knots on the Saturday the two day event was dominated by those who braved and survived the mayhem. Chris was 3rd amongst those who didn't sail on the Saturday.

Three Rivers Race, Norfolk Broads
Kevin Pearson/Nick Fribbens/Paul Armitage 1st, in a Thames Rater.

SEKONDA RS Feva Nationals at Royal Torbay Yacht Club, 2-5 June 2012
James Curtis and Harry Phelps, 14th (Gold Fleet... 53 entries for Gold and 52 for Silver... 105 Boats!!!!)

National 12 Burton Week (Nationals) 2012 at Hayling Island Sailing Club, 2nd-5th June 2012
Mike and Alex Storey 23rd. Extremely windy - especially on the last day when they didn't sail.

RS200 Sprint Championships at Rutland Sailing Club, 26-27 May 2012
Maia Walsh and Mike Wood - 3rd (Gold Fleet)

Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club RS Gul Grand Prix, 12/13th May
 Maia Walsh and Mike Wood - RS 200 - 3rd Silver Fleet and 10th overall

Solo Open at Maidenhead Sailing Club, 13 May
Gareth Grffiths - 1st Overall

Solo Welsh Championship at TATA Steel Sailing Club - May 2nd
Gareth Griffiths - 2nd Veteran (in a weekend of strong winds)

Feva Grand Prix at Grafham
 James Curtis/Harry Phelps 3rd (from 91) and only one point off the win.

Phantom Inlands at Chew Valley
Nick Mason 6th
Will Ellison 7th
Tim Andrews 9th

National 12 Gill Series at Spinnaker SC
Mike Storey & Sophia/Alex Storey 6th.

RS200 GP at Highcliffe, 21/22 April
Nicola Groves (forward hand) 6th,
Dicken Maclean/Hannah Young 14th (due to having to count a DNF)

British Airways Silver Wing Solo Open, 15th April 2012
Paul Payle finished 5th overall with individual results - 7th, 7th and 2nd over the three races

Littleton SC Solo Open, 26th March
Gareth Griffiths, 10th

Streaker Southern Paddle Open at Bough Beech Sailing Club, 13th March
Chris Smith, 7th

2012 Laser World Masters Championships - Radial, Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Australia, March 17, 2012.
Kevin Pearson 10th - Radial Great Grand Master Division

Steve Nicholson Trophy, Northampton SC
Tim Andrews 17th (Phantom - Singlehanders fleet)

National 12s, Ranelagh
   Mike and Alex Storey, 3rd

Bloody Mary
It was something of a Moth day judging by the results...
From 302 entries - the best turnout in quite a few years
   74th Tim Andrews (Phantom)
   97th Nick Mason (1386, Phantom)
   99th Will Ellison (Phantom)
  102nd Mike Storey (115, Laser EPS)
  122nd Will Scott (46623, Topper)
  197th Jamie & Scott Neil Caldwell (6042, Wayfarer)
  201st Douglas Clow & Ian Hamilton (845, RS 400)
  226th Xavier Quillien & Clare Man (749, RS 200)
  240th Nick Marley & Clare Cork (1237, RS 200)

Grafham Grand Prix 
Tim Andrews 7th (Phantom, Singlehanded Fleet)
Will Ellison 22nd (Phantom, Singlehanded Fleet)
Nick Mason 25th (Phantom, Singlehanded Fleet)


Gul RS Last Shout Championships 12/13th November
 > Carl Mayhew and Julie Harrison 13th
RS Vareo
 > Nick Marley 2nd 
Nick Marley RS Vareo Gul Last Shout Championships Rutland Sailing Club
Nick Marley - RS Vareo, Gul Last Shout Championships Rutland Sailing Club

RS Feva End of Season Championship 12/13th November
> James Curtis and Harry Phelps 33rd from 94 boats

Scorpion Inlands
Simon Holden 17th

National 12 Gill (Travellers) Series
Mike & Alex Storey 11th (2nd "Family")

RS200, Wembley
Charlotte Savage, 10th
RS200 Charlotte Savage RS200 Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club

Byte Nationals
Maggie Futcher (old IBRSC member and Wednesday Series member) 9th & first Lady

RS800 Inlands
Nicola Groves 9th (1st all female crew)

Phantom Open, Burghfield
Nick Mason, 7th.
 You may not recognise the name (well, not as an IBRSC member anyway), but I understand he is one of a number of Phantom sailors joining us for the winter. Welcome!

International Canoe, Oxford
Jim Champ, 4th

RS Feva Grand Prix - Chew Valley
James Curtis/Harry Phelps 14th (from 75)

RYA SE Zone Championships - Toppers
Will Scott - 4th
Nancy Scott - 6th

RS200 Grand prix - Stokes Bay
Alex Groves 19th

 Chichester Harbour Fed Week (Lasers)
Paul Wright-Anderson 4th

Laser 4.7 National Championships
> Tom Howard 6th (4th UK boat)  

National 12 Burton "Week" (National Champs)
> Mike/Alex Storey 17th

RS Championships - WPNSA
   > Dicken MacLean 7th
   > Ben Palmer 9th
   > Charlotte Savage 18th
   > Andy/Tessa Groves 137th
   > The Winskells must have had some sort of problem because they only finished the first race, hope its nothing too serious.
   RS Vareo
   > Nick Marley 25th
   > Alex Groves 17th, Nicola Groves (forward hand) 20th and first all female crew.
   RS500 Worlds
   > Peter & James Curtis 8th (5th UK)

Salcombe Week
   National Twelves
   > Mike/Alex Storey 5th
   > There was another IBRSC member at Salcombe week in a different class, but I don't think he'll want reminding about it...

Topper Nationals
   The results posted are a right mess: they seem to have merged gold, silver and bronze fleet places and I am very confused.
   > Will Scott 27th (Silver fleet?)
   > Alistair Smith 28th (Silver Fleet?)
   > Nancy Scott 26th (Bronze fleet?)

National 12 Gill Series (Travellers)
  >  Mike/Alex Storey 6th

RS500 Burghfield
> Peter/James Curtis 2nd

RS 500 Datchet
> Peter/James Curtis 2nd

RS 500 Great Yarmouth
> Peter/James Curtis 4th

SE Topper Travellers Series
   Newhaven and Seaford
      Alistair Smith 3rd

      Alistair Smith 6th
      Will Scott 1st

   Bough Beech
      Will Scott 18th
      Nancy Scott 20th

   Queen Mary
      Alistair Smith 8th

   Minnis Bay
      Alistair Smith 2nd
      Will Scott 6th
      Nancy Scott 21st

      Alistair Smith 5th

National 12 Gill Series (Travellers)
      Mike/Alex Storey 4th
      Mike/Alex Storey 16th

Minima SC Solo open
 Gareth Griffiths 2nd

Solo Welsh Championship

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