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November Race Day Arrives But the Wind Didnt

  • If you were looking for excitement then you should have stayed at home (and tried to have ignored the cricket and rugby results, unless you're not from these shores).  Even the forecast at 2-3mph was optimistic as the wind had not turned up at all.  Well, 18 of us decided that despite the conditions we would take our 9 boats up and onto the reservoir.  This month we were joined by Andrew and Mike from Rickmansworth SC, Dan and Jo from Littleton SC, and Martin and Debbie from Littleton SC.  At 10.15 we held the briefing with the inevitable notification of a delay to the start of the day's racing.  So we sat outside in the glorious November sunshine admiring the blue skies and drinking yet more tea and coffee.  After about an hour we spotted ripples on the water's surface and like a Le Mans rolling start we made our way to our boats.

    Dan and Jo receiving their prizes from Carl at the November RS200 Winter Freezer Open
    Dan and Jo receiving their prizes from Carl at the November RS200 Winter Freezer Open

    So at 11:22 the race officer got the first of the day's racing away and we were off.  I would normally have put an exclamation mark to that sentence but given the lack of speed at which we crossed the start line it somehow feels disingenuous to use one.  As the fleet set off 3 boats had somehow missed the start and were desperately trying to get to the line but with little wind all they could do is watch the Handicap fleet set off before finally slipping over the line just in front of the Lasers. Dan/Jo, Carl/Julie and CJ/Uta all made good starts that given the conditions really paid off as they pulled, sorry drifted, away from the fleet.  Today was always going to be a battle of concentration and keeping still on the boats to which Dan and Jo excelled at as they crossed the line in first place just ahead of Carl and Julie.  With an average lap time of 1hr 16mins the RS200 Winter Freezer Open was limited to a single lap pedestrian sail in winds of 0-1mph.  No one dared mention races 2 or 3.  Instead we packed our boats away and made for the club house to enjoy hot food, a drink and congratulate the winners.

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