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RS200 Training Saturday 25 February 2012

  • RS200 Training at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club
    RS200 Training at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club.

    Six boats, 12 sailors and three instructors led by Charlotte gathered on Saturday to set about improving their rigging, planning/tactics and starting skills.  Not only did we all turn up early on a Saturday morning but the weather arrived with perfect training conditions; sun and about a force 3, not a cloud in the sky!

    For those who noticed, probably not quite as close up as Xav… sorry,  I attached a video camera to the end of the boom and have edited into a 3 minute film (plus a few frames from Julie’s video).

    Julie kindly took quite a few photos of us that can be seen by following this RS200 Training Photos link.

    Finally, everyone from the day gave a huge thank you to Julie/Tim for organising the event and Charlotte for her wonderful tuition.