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Local Knowledge

  • Sailing at Island Barn is a simple affair - no tides, no currents, no non sailing traffic apart from safety boats. Most of our Open Meetings get exclusive use of the water so competitors don't have to worry about Club racing, training or cruising sailors.

    When you arrive...

    You'll go through the first set of gates off Ray Road, and then along the road to the reservoir. Please keep the speed down to 10mph or less for safety and to keep the maintenance of the access road manageable. Go over the cattle grid, and stop inside (clear of the gates) to unhitch your boat. Leave it to the left of the gates, and then park your car to the right. Unless directed, do not use the Officers' spaces marked with signs nearest the clubhouse steps. Park at a wide angle to the bank/fence to maximise parking space.
    Island Barn is a raised reservoir and access to the bank is via a ramp with a powered winch. It does look intimidating, but it isn't really, and at Open Meetings there will be a team on hand to get you up the bank. Once your mast is up all you need to do is make sure your boat is secured to the front of the trolley and walk up with your boat. At the top, signal to the winch operator, unhook the winch rope and wheel your boat clear of the top of the ramp. Bringing the winch rope down is much appreciated by others waiting to go up.
    Please keep boats and cars clear of the bottom of the winch ramp.
    Access to the water is from seven ramps along the north and west shores of the reservoir with plenty of room for all. There are 10 pontoons available to all sailors. Launching is straightforward at all wind directions and strengths, thanks to the pontoons, although the bank is quite steep and the water's edge can get slippy so care is needed. The water gets deep rapidly and is at mast depth not far off the end of the pontoons. This has one side-effect - anything you drop in is gone for good, so secure all sinkables. Laser and Topper sailors may wish to invest in a length of cord to tie the rudder to the traveller.
    No-go areas on the water are limited to 25m from the outlet towers (to the left as you look from the clubhouse) and 10m around the inlet pipes off the clubhouse.
    Click for a map of the reservoir, showing (approximately) where the Club race mark buoys are on the water.
    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more