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What To Bring


      1. A boat!
      2. A buoyancy aid - mandatory at IBRSC for all sailors.
      3. Wetsuits or drysuits are mandatory from November 1st to March 31st. The water does not warm up until about June, and stays fairly warm until late October. Despite our inland and southern location, it can get cold so best bring your kit.
      4. Dinghy boots - pontoons have rough surfaces (to aid grip), banks are pavement, grass (often muddy) and launch areas are concrete, none of which are nice on bare feet.
      5. Strong non-slip shoes for walking up and down ramps
      6. A painter for your boat - you will need to tie it to the trolley to get it up and down the ramp, and may want to tie up to our pontoons between races.


    Dogs are permitted around the reservoir and must be kept on a lead at all times.
    Non-sailing visitors are very welcome; we have plenty of comfortable seating both indoors and out. However there must be someone designated to supervise children, as the club will not have people spare to do this. Obviously a reservoir is a bad place for unattended toddlers, and children of any age must not play on the banks, pontoons or launch ramps - our water is very deep.
    Club Open with Covid Safe Restrictions    find out more