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Boats We Allow At IBRSC

  • Like all sailing clubs, some things are better suited to the Island Barn facilities than others, and so we have to make a few rules to ensure everyone has fun in safety. We wouldn't want you buying a boat that runs out of water in 10 seconds or won't fit through the gates!

    ISO and RS400 at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club

    We welcome all sailing boats at IBRSC as long as they meet some basic criteria:
    1. It must be a monohull, not a keelboat (there are no moorings) or catamaran (too wide). HOWEVER the RYA say that the Laser Vortex is a monohull and so we do allow it at IBRSC.
    2. It must be able to be winched up the bank, through the water gates and down the launch ramps safely. The ramps are quite steep and narrow and if the reservoir is full (which it generally is) there is very little space on the water-side. We allow most things unless its super-heavy, super-long or super-wide.
    3. It has no or one trapeze. After experimenting with twin-trapeze craft, we find that it is unsafe, particularly for racing, where the speed and a big blind spot behind the spinnaker adds to the dangers for smaller boats. Twin-trapeze boats really need more space than our 'mere' 122 acres.

    We want you to be able to sail whatever suits. If you have any queries about whether your boat will suit, please ask any member of the committee or send us an e-mail. The rules can and have been changed in the past to reflect advances in craft and equipment.