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Handicap Fleet

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  A wide range of boats fit the criteria for sailing at IBRSC and race in the Handicap Class. Boats regularly racing and sailing include RS Aero, RS200, RS400, Phantom, National 12, Streaker and Laser EPS.  A glance at recent sailing results will give a flavour of what is currently active. We sometimes split starts into fast and slow fleets depending on the race, but generally all the handicap boats race each other.

handicap sailing fleet at island barn reservoir sailing club
Handicap sailing fleet at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club 

For racing, we use the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick handicapping system, which we adjust as necessary to reflect local conditions. This assigns a different rating to each class of boat in a mixed fleet and (at least in theory) gives every boat an equal chance of winning.  We also operate a personal handicap system (sometimes called a back-calculated yardstick) in some races. This adjusts the class PY number for crew skill, taking into account the results of the sailor over past races or their expected results. So an inexperienced person who sails significantly better than previously over a season or regatta can win on handicap.