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Solo Fleet

  • The Solos at Island Barn are one of our larger fleets, offering close racing for all standards. Although Solos are a long established class the national fleet is growing quickly with both new low maintenance FRP and beautifully crafted but equally fast wooden boats. Nationally the class is growing faster than ever reflecting the timeless qualities of a great boat to sail - fast in light weather but still manageable in strong winds. A competitive Solo lasts a long time (like some of our sailors) - within our fleet you can see many examples of boats (and sailors) of all ages with different builds (FRP, GRP, Wood) and fittings. 

    Solo Dignhy Fleet at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club

    Solo Dinghy Fleet at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club

    We offer good racing at the club, and there is an excellent local Open Meeting circuit. After racing you can usually find a friendly group of Solo members comparing notes and discussing the days sailing in the clubhouse. Solos are very comfortable boats to sail and can be easily managed by a wide weight and age range. We have club solos if you would like to test drive, or contact our fleet captain to arrange a trial sail with a current member.