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Sailing Calendar

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Below is the complete 2018/19 day by day sailing calendar. Or click here for a pdf

Click here for for race times.

Sun01 Apr Pursuit B2B Handicap  
Sat07 Apr  B2B Handicap  
Sun08 Apr Class B2B Handicap  
Sat14 AprFilm Night  B2B Handicap  
Sun15 Apr Anniversary B2B Handicap  
Wed18 AprWednesday    
Sat21 Apr  B2B Handicap  
Sun22 AprJunior Sailing School Class B2B Handicap  
Wed25 AprWednesday    
Fri27 AprFriendly Friday    
Sat28 Apr  B2B Handicap  
Sun29 AprJunior Sailing School Class B2B Handicap  
Tue01 MayTrysail    
Wed02 MayWednesday    
Sat05 May  B2B Handicap  
Sun06 MayJunior Sailing School Pursuit B2B Handicap  
Tue08 MayTrysail    
Wed09 MayWednesday    
Sat12 May  B2B Handicap  
Sun13 MayJunior Sailing School Class B2B Handicap  
Tue15 MayTrysail    
Wed16 MayWednesday    
Sat19 May  B2B Handicap  
Sun20 MayJunior Sailing School Anniversary B2B Handicap  
Tue22 MayTrysail    
Wed23 MayWednesday    
Sat26 May  B2B Handicap  
Sun27 MayJunior Sailing School Class B2B Handicap  
Tue29 MayTrysail    
Wed30 MayWednesday    
Fri01 JunFriendly Friday    
Sat02 Jun  B2B Handicap  
Sun03 JunJunior Sailing School Pursuit B2B Handicap  
Tue05 JunTrysail    
Wed06 JunWednesday    
Sat09 JunSchools Regatta  B2B Handicap Schools regatta 
Sun10 JunClub Championship
Junior Sailing School 
  Club Championship 
Tue12 JunTrysail    
Wed13 JunWednesday    
Sat16 JunLaser Open   Laser Open 
Sun17 JunJunior Sailing School Anniversary B2B Handicap  
Tue19 JunTrysail    
Wed20 JunWednesday    
Fri22 JunFriendly Friday    
Sat23 Jun  B2B Handicap  
Sun24 JunJunior Sailing School Class B2B Handicap  
Tue26 JunTrysail    
Wed27 JunWednesday    
Sat30 Jun  B2B Handicap  
Sun01 JulJunior Sailing School Pursuit B2B Handicap  
Tue03 JulTrysail    
Wed04 JulWednesday    
Sat07 Jul  B2B Handicap  
Sun08 JulJunior Sailing School Class B2B Handicap  
Tue10 JulTrysail    
Wed11 JulWednesday    
Sat14 JulSolo - Streaker Open   Solo/Streaker open 
Sun15 JulJunior Sailing School Anniversary B2B Handicap  
Tue17 JulTrysail    
Wed18 JulWednesday    
Sat21 Jul  B2B Handicap  
Sun22 JulCommodore's day   Commodore's day 
Tue24 JulTrysail    
Wed25 JulWednesday    
Fri27 JulFriendly Friday    
Sat28 JulRound the Island and Match racing   Round the island AND Match Racing 
Sun29 JulCLOSED   Surrey Cycle Race 
Tue31 JulTrysail   Last TrySail 
Wed01 AugWednesday    
Sat04 Aug  B2B Handicap  
Sun05 Aug Pursuit B2B Handicap  
Wed08 AugWednesday    
Sat11 Aug  B2B Handicap  
Sun12 Aug Class B2B Handicap  
Wed15 AugWednesday    
Sat18 Aug  B2B Handicap  
Sun19 Aug Anniversary B2B Handicap  
Fri24 AugFriendly Friday    
Sat25 Aug  B2B Handicap  
Sun26 Aug Class B2B Handicap  
Sat01 Sep  B2B Handicap  
Sun02 SepJunior Sailing School Pursuit B2B Handicap  
Sat08 Sep  B2B Handicap  
Sun09 SepJunior Sailing School Class B2B Handicap  
Sat15 Sep  B2B Handicap  
Sun16 SepJunior Sailing School Anniversary B2B Handicap BARTS BASH 
Sat22 SepTopper Open   Topper open 
Sun23 SepJunior Sailing School Class B2B Handicap SS Fun Day 
Sat29 Sep  B2B Handicap  
Topper open training 
Sun30 SepJunior Sailing School Class B2B Handicap Sailing School regatta 
Sat06 Oct  B2B Handicap CRUISE 
Sun07 Oct Pursuit B2B Handicap CRUISE 
Sat13 OctQuiz Night  B2B Handicap  
Safety Boat 
Sun14 Oct Class B2B Handicap  
Safety Boat 
Sat20 OctRS200 Open   RS200 Open 
Sun21 Oct Class B2B Handicap  
Sat27 Oct  B2B Handicap  
Sun28 OctWORKING PARTY   Working Party 
Sat03 NovBonfire Night    
Sun04 Nov Pursuit B2B Handicap  
Sun11 Nov11:15 start Class B2B Handicap  
Sun18 Nov Class B2B Handicap  
Sat24 NovCeilidh Barndance    
Sun25 Nov Class B2B Handicap  
Sun02 Dec Pursuit B2B Handicap  
Sat08 Dec    
Topper Zone squad 
Sun09 Dec Class B2B Handicap  
Topper Zone squad 
Sun16 DecChristmas Parties Class B2B Handicap XMAS Party 
Sun23 Dec Class B2B Handicap  
Sun30 Dec Class B2B Handicap  
Tue01 JanNew Year RACES Pursuit Pursuit New year special 
Sun06 Jan Pursuit B2B Handicap  
Sun13 Jan Class B2B Handicap  
Sun20 Jan Class B2B Handicap  
Sun27 Jan Class B2B Handicap  
Sun03 FebAGM 14:00 start Pursuit B2B Handicap  
Sat09 FebTalent Show    
Sun10 Feb Class B2B Handicap  
Sat16 FebTopper Winter regatta   Topper Winter regatta 
Sun17 Feb Class B2B Handicap  
Sun24 Feb Class B2B Handicap  
Sun03 Mar Pursuit B2B Handicap  
Sun10 Mar Class B2B Handicap  
Sat16 MarFilm Night    
Sun17 Mar Class B2B Handicap  
Sun24 Mar Class B2B Handicap