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Volvo Rya Champion Sailing Club

  • RYA VOLVO CHAMPION CLUB has now been superceeded by
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    RYA Volvo Champion Club - Isalnd Barn Reservoir Sailing Club

    Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club - Volvo RYA Champion Sailing Club (VCC).

    The club was recognised by the RYA for its commitment to deliver safe, effective racing and race training in the RYA recognised classes these are the Topper, Laser 4.7, Optimist, and RS Feva. Additionally, the club agreed to support (via well organised coaching as well as advice, expertise and encouragement) the on going development of young sailors within their club and help to facilitate their progression into regional competition and subsequently into RYA squad programmes.

    In short if you are keen for your young sailor to progress down the competitive dinghy racing route there is no better foundation of training. It truly represents the bedrock of the RYA's Youth programmes.

    Also, increasing the numbers of talented young sailors is good for the RYA (and good for our future Olympic efforts) in addition these club programmes are good for clubs and our sport. Having a thriving junior/youth section which consistently introduces young people is a sure-fire way for a club to increase membership and therefore raise revenue. Engaging with young people and their families can assist a club to be healthy and vibrant, as well as offer a supply of keen volunteers to help fulfil the various roles connected with the effective running of a club.

    For parents and sailors VCC's should be sociable, involving, fun and safe places to spend time with like minded families enjoying an active sport.

    The RYA works with the clubs to provide a range of benefits but also to ensure that the clubs are committed to engaging parents (sailors or otherwise) with the activity. Sailing Clubs are a great place to support a youngsters activity by helping out. Irrespective of what your individual skills are there are worthwhile and valuable tasks which you can help out with in order to underpin the activity and whilst also seeing your youngster develop as a sailor and an individual.

    How many VCC s are there?

    There are currently 178 Volvo RYA Champion Clubs in the UK .

    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more