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First Choose Your Race

  • Handicap: everyone is racing each other, times are corrected for the type of boat you are using, so where you finish on the water isn't necessarily your final position. Held on summer Saturdays (two races), Sundays (three races) and summer Wednesdays. Plus the sprint series on the 3rd sunday of the month in summer. (See also personal handicap below)

    rs200 class racing island barn reservoir sailing clubClass: you are only racing the people in your class, everyone else is just an obstacle to progress (although you must apply the rules!) Where you finish on the water relative to the others in your class is what matters. Open races and selected Sunday mornings.

    Pursuit: starts are timed according to boat types, with the slowest boat leaving first. If everybody was equally good and got constant wind, all the boats would cross the line simultaneously. Again, where you finish on the water is your final position. Held once a month on the first sunday of the month, often a charity race so drop your pound in the box before starting.


    Personal handicaps

    Because we aren't all experts we run two series with personal handicaps besed on past results (with a starting point for people new to racing). These run in parallel with the summer Anniversay series and the Wed series. We work out two sets of results - scratch results where we just use the class handicaps, and personal results where we add-on the personal handicap factor. These give a greate incentive because a rapidly improving begineer has a very good chance at taking the personal title. (Or course next year they will move up a division).

     In general Saturdays are the least intense series - a good time to start racing with generally fewer boats, Sunday mornings and Wed evening have more boats, slightly longer races and generally a higher standard.

    Club Open with Covid Safe Restrictions    find out more