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Starting Sequences And Flags

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The Flags

To understand the starting sequences first each sailor should familirise themselves with the flags used to signal the start for thier fleet/class:

FlagFleet / Class
laser start flagLaser
solo start flagSolo
rs200 start flag


topper and rs feva start flag.gif

Topper & RS Feva

Slow Handicap (Wed)

Silver Fleet (Anniversary)

handicap start flag

Handicap (Sun)

Fast handicap (Wed)

Gold Fleet (Anniversary)

One other flag used at the start is the P Flag (Preparotory).   

blue peter start flag.gif

P (Blue Peter)

This flag is raised 2 minutes before the start of the first fleet/class race and lowered with the start of the last fleet/class race

Raising and Lowering of the flags

The General rule for all starts except pursuit races is:

TimeFlagGun / Hooter
4 minutes before a class startclass flag raisedsounded once
At the startclass flag loweredsounded once

For more details of the other racing flags and exact sequences for each type of start click below: 

Spring/Summer Weekends


Flags and Sound Signals