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    Like tacking, gybing can be though of as a series of simple stages.

    1. Look forward and under the boom, make sure you're not going to turn into someone.
    2. Pull the tiller towards you and get onto a training run with the wind almost but not quite coming from directly behind you.
    3. Pull the mainsail in a little - a foot or so.
    4. Make sure the boat is balanced (flat), otherwise it can get a bit out of control.
    5. Move your back foot towards the opposite side of the boat.
    6. Check the crew is ready (call stand by to gybe) and wait for an OK
    7. Helm moves to centre of boat  and moves the tiller so it is pointing towards the oppsite side of the boat. Crew balances boat as necessary.
    8. Helm calls gybe-oh or just gybing and pushes (like a stabbing motion) the tiller towards the windward side. Crew releases the old jib sheet and grabs the one the other side.
    9. Grab the mainsheet (the falls) to pull on the boom, as you feel the tension on the rope go light pull the boom over
    10. Duck! As the stern goes through the wind the boom will start to swing across.
    11. As the boom is in the middle of the boat straighten up the tiller/rudder to stop the boat turning
    12. Move over to the other side of the boat
    13. The boat should now be on a training run on the other gybe. Helm and crew sit down, trim and balance the boat, then get on the desired new course.

    Mind Your Head
    As boats get bigger the booms get heavier and so do more damage
    Knocking yourself out is a good way of losing a race and hurts! Its more of an issue with gybing because the boom is traveling faster and with the full force of the wind in it.

    Boat Balance/Control is Essential
    In all this good boat balance is essential to make the maneuvers smooth and easy. If you are fighting the boat then something is probably wrong, and the most probable thing is that the boat isn't flat enough!