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Outboard Engines Care And Feeding

  • Top Tips to look after our engines - please take note!

    1. Secure it: The engines must be securely clamped and tied to the boat; mpstly you will find the engine firmly secured, but please make sure.
    2. Don't snatch at the starter: The pull-cord mechanism is fragile. So pull the cord slowly and cautiously to make sure it is free, then pull firmly with both hands but don't snatch. Jerking too hard means another replacement starter.
    3. Is the kill-cord on? Make sure it is properly fitted (or the engine won't start) and attached to your leg or buoyancy aid - not your wrist. And please don't walk off with it!
    4. Lower the engine gently: When you are setting up the boat, do not let the engine crash down into the water. Move the lever, pull the engine up a little and then let it lower gently, that is gently, down. Dropping it hard can cause an expensive breakage.
    5. Keep ropes in the boat: Outboards like water, not rope. Make sure all ropes are in the boat, take care when approaching a dinghy, and stop the engine AT ONCE if you think you may have a tangle. The shear pin will break or bend if you get the propeller caught in a rope. Note that the propeller continues to 'walk' slowly even if the engine is in neutral, so you must ALWAYS keep ropes clear.
    6. Don't run aground; if doing a lee shore rescue, keep the back of the boat away from the bank.
    7. Report any problems: Please enter any problems in the duty log - even if it is only finger trouble, it is relevant; procedures or equipment can be changed to make life easier. If you've messed up, 'fess up - no-one will shoot you and we'd rather know.


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