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IBRSC Training Faq

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This page attempts to answer the frequently asked questions about training at Island Barn.


Who runs your training?
As with everything else at IBRSC, all our training is run by volunteers giving up their own time. Some of the volunteers hold appropriate qualifications and all are enthusiastic to get new people into the sport; they wouldn't be doing it otherwise!

How is the training planned?
We are an RYA registered training establishment, we follow RYA lines with our courses and what you learn with us is a comprehensive course and qualification that is recognised around the world. Alternatively, we offer our Trysail courses for those who just want to have a go at sailing. The difference is that you don't get a certificate at the end of the courses and it can be spread out over a longer period.

When does the training happen?
Juniors (under 18) are trained on Sunday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm, starting in April and running to July, then resuming after the holidays for September and October. Adults are trained on Tuesday evenings (the 'Tuesday Trysail' and RYA level 1 & 2) from May to August, the exact dates being controlled by sunset times as we start at 7pm.

When should I start the sessions?
If you are a beginner, as early in the season as possible! Don't wait until August, or summer season begins in April and May!

Can children or adults attend the other session?
The Sunday session is aimed at children and uses Topper dinghies, although there's no reason that adults can't listen in. The Tuesday Trysail does not have sufficient supervision for children. The only juniors allowed to sail on Tuesday evenings are members (including children of members) with their own boats, for whom parents retain total responsibility. Legal 'duty of care' prevents us from taking other juniors on the Trysail. Thank you for your understanding - this is for sound safety reasons.

Can people start the courses later in the season?
Yes (for the Trysail only), within reason - we recognise that some people don't find out about us until later or can't attend for some other reason. The Trysail schedule repeats for late-joining beginners and new starters can come along up to the last two weeks of the season.  The RYA qualifications require students to complete the full course.

Does it matter if we miss a week or two?
No (for the Trysail) - again we recognise that people probably can't attend every one. The Trysail course is flexible and we'll help you catch up.

What if the weather is bad?
The sessions will always run - you won't turn up and find the club closed just because it is raining. However if conditions are unsuitable (too windy, thundery etc) we run more talks and have videos, and can also do rigging and kit demos; so your time won't be wasted. If there's no wind it's a great time for capsize drill!

What equipment do I need?
It is always colder than you think on the water, so dress warmly. If you don't have a wetsuit, wear a tracksuit or similar, with a cagoule or windproof top as well. Bring a complete change of clothes and a towel in case of a dunking. You will always get wet feet so wear trainers or similar, NEVER sandals. Juniors should be wrapped up particularly warm - shorts are almost never appropriate. They must also be covered in high-factor suncream, even if it is a cloudy day. (Trysailors are out in the evening so this is less of an issue, but they might want some insect repellent) Long hair must be tied up (not just back) so it doesn't tangle in anything, and all jewelery must be removed.

Do you do weekend/short courses?
Watch this space! Note that these courses will always be for members only.

The sessions have been a bit busy.
In the later years we've almost been victims of our own success, with lots of people starting both courses right from the beginning. It's wonderful that so many people are with us (and we hope we'll convert lots of you to members) but it does put pressure on our limited supply of boats, particularly for the Trysail. Things will get easier once trainees can drive single-handers, and we're also trying to get more of the members to assist with their boats. However your safety is paramount and we must also always have people in the rescue craft. Thanks for your understanding - and enthusiasm!

Oops! I'm too late for this year!
Sorry about that; we have to stop in mid August as it gets dark! Keep an eye on the website for next year's dates and of course you are welcome to visit us to check us out.

Can we sail at other times?
If you join Trysail or the Junior Sailing school you are a member for the length of the course. So you are most welcome to sail and use the club boats during the period of your membership.

At what point can I join the club?
We don't set a minimum standard, but realistically to be able to sail at IBRSC you need to be able to rig and de-rig a boat, sail out and back, and right a capsize. We'll teach you all these things. The club has boats for members to hire so you don't need to buy a boat immediately - great!

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