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Safety And Rules Of the House

  • There is safety boat cover throughout the evening, although as always you sail and attend at IBRSC at your own risk. We will ask you to sign a disclaimer to this effect.


    IBRSC is a sailing club, and as such has unfenced edges, steep drops on to hard surfaces and deep water. Sailing involves pushing and pulling boats, ducking under hard booms and occasionally falling in. Make sure you are suitably dressed, (never barefoot), take things slowly and look where you are going. While our decisions are not infallible, if we suggest that you don't go out without an instructor on board, please take our advice.
    In the unlikely event of a serious problem (e.g. an approaching thunderstorm) three sound signals will be given. If you are on the water when you hear this, sail immediately for the nearest jetty, tie up the boat, drop the mainsail and leave it. If you are on the bank, return to the clubhouse.
    Please let us know if you have any illnesses that could cause you problems while out on the water. There are first aiders, first-aid kits and a defribillator on the premises.
    This year's Trysail is breaking all records for numbers, which is great - please help us make sure that people change round regularly so everyone gets a go. We split people into two groups each evening and change over half way; if you were in the 'early' group one week you should go for the late group the next week, and vice versa. Those not on the water get the night's 'talk' which is 'performed' twice each evening.


    The rules of the house are very simple:

    - Enjoy!

    - Please help us rig and derig boats - also part of the learning process.

    - Pick up your litter and leave the club and clubhouse tidy.

    - Let us know what you want to learn and do, and we'll do our best to help.

    - Please, please return our buoyancy aids. Don't use them as seats.

    - Have fun!

    Club Open with Covid Safe Restrictions    find out more