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    Bye-Laws. ​​​​​​​

    This is a certified true copy of the Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club Bye-Laws as amended by the Committee on the 4th October 2021 at the club house to be in force from this day

    Nick Marley Commodore ,  Haqeeq Boston Honorary Secretary

    Matters or club use interpretation not covered by these Byelaws will be referred to the Committee, whose decision will be final.


    1 The Duty Officer of the Day is appointed to take overall responsibility for all activities on the Club premises on days and at times when the Club is officially open and his instructions must be complied with at all times. At all other times members using the premises are responsible for security and ensure must doors and gates are properly locked when leaving.

    2 Dogs may be brought inside the club compound subject to the following conditions:

    1. Dogs must be on a lead and under control at ALL times inside the gates.

    2. Dogs must not be inside the wave lip of the reservoir next to, on or in the water.

    3. Dogs are not allowed inside the clubhouse (exception for guide dogs).

    4. Dog owners MUST clean up and remove any dog mess.

    The Duty Officer may request an owner to remove any dog from the gated compound if the dog is making a nuisance.

    3 There must be no shooting of or interference of any sort with the wildlife on the Club premises or on the Reservoir.

    4. Rule purposefully left blank.

    5 There must be no interference with Thames Water plant, valves, machinery, drains or apparatus and the Reservoir must not be polluted in any way.

    6 Children must not cross the perimeter wave lip to the Reservoir unless wearing personal buoyancy, nor play on the launching facilities at any time.

    7 No person under the age of 16 shall operate the winch or be in control of a load ascending or descending unless authorised by Duty Team leader. All persons prior to using the winch MUST receive a demonstration in the form of training on how to operate the winch.

    8 Children under the age of 16 may only visit the Club when accompanied by a responsible adult who must remain on the Club premises the whole time and accept full responsibility for such child’s safety and behaviour. The acceptations to this rule are on a case by case basis with prior written agreement between the parent or guardian of the child and the IBRSC Commodore.

    9 There must be no smoking within the clubhouse.


    10 Members are required to notify the Membership Secretary, within one month, of any change in their address, membership or boat details.

    11 The parent or guardian of any member under the age of 18 years must countersign the application form and any subsequent renewal form and acknowledge that he or she is responsible at all times for the safety and behaviour of such member.


    12 It is the responsibility of each sailor, paddle boarder or windsurfer to decide whether the weather conditions are suitable for sailing in the light of his or her competence and ability and the competence and ability of his or her crew (if any). The Club will not accept any liability for personal injury or damage to boats whether or not this should occur during organised racing or during cruising.

    13 During the winter season (1st November-30th April) the wearing of either dry suits or wet suits is obligatory for dinghy sailors and safety boat crew. Safety boat helms if accompanied by a person qualified under rule 20 may wear waterproof offshore type sailing clothing. Windsurfers, paddle boarders and juniors under instruction in the sailing school must wear either a wet suit, a dry suit or a steamer at all times.

    14 All persons engaged in sailing, windsurfing, paddle boarding and safety duties must wear personal buoyancy and boots or shoes with “non-slip” soles.

    15 Any boat berthed or sailed at the Club must be insured against third party risks for such indemnity limit as the Committee may from time to time require.

    16 A green flag will be flown from the bank at times when a safety craft service is being provided by an appointed Duty team. At other times sailing and windsurfing may only take place when there is available either a competently manned safety craft ready for immediate use or, if there are not more than 8 craft on the water, there are at least two boats sailing and manned by experienced helms over 18 years of age. It is the responsibility of the members wishing to sail to decide whether it is safe to do so.

    17 At all times boats shall keep a minimum of 25 metres from outlet valves situated in the tower at the north east corner of the reservoir and at times when water is being pumped into the reservoir boats shall keep a minimum of 10 metres from the valve gear situated on the bank adjacent to the Clubhouse.

    18 All racing shall comply with the Sailing Instructions, copies of which are available on request.

    19 General club use of the reservoir is not allowed during Open Meetings unless it is stated in the club programme.

    20 Safety boats: All drivers of power boats will wear a kill cord whilst operating the boat.

    Except for emergencies, only persons authorised by the Duty Officer and either:

    1. Aged 18 or over,
    2. Aged 16 or 17 holding a RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate or higher,
    3. Aged under 16 holding a RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate or higher, with an accompanying adult who possess an RYA PB2 qualification or similar.
    4. Under formal instruction,

    may be in command of a powerboat.

    21 No boat shall be sailed unless it has sufficient buoyancy to pass a swamp test or the test required by its class regulations.

    22 Catamarans are not permitted to sail on the reservoir. Permission must be sought from the Committee for twin trapeze boats or unusually wide (over 2m) or heavy boats (over 150kg hull weight).

    23 All windsurfing boards must have a safety line connecting the rig and the board at all times when afloat. If sail and mast get detached from the board then assistance must be sought. Paddle boarders must use a safety leash.

    24 All water users not racing or involved in training activities should keep clear of the racing or training areas and follow the directions of the duty officer.


    25 Boats can only be berthed at the Club upon payment of the requisite fee and must be berthed in accordance with instructions given by the Class Captains and must display in a prominent position a sticker confirming that the current years berthing fee has been paid.

    26 No boats shall be parked in such a manner as to cause an obstruction to persons or vehicles passing around the Reservoir and no part of the boat or its equipment shall be placed so that it touches, rests upon or protrudes through or over the boundary fences. It is the berth holder’s responsibility to cut the grass under and besides their boat or road trailer.

    27 No boats, masts or other equipment shall be placed under or in the Clubhouse without the express consent of the Rear Commodore Works.

    28 Boat trailers shall only be stored in the area designated for that purpose. All Boat trailers must be clearly marked with the owner’s details and not so secured that they cannot be easily repositioned. Members who wish to use wheel clamps can do so only with permission of the membership secretary.

    29 The club accepts no responsibility for damage caused by whatever means to boats or other equipment berthed or left at the Club. In the lease to the Club, the landlords, Thames Water Utilities Limited has also specifically disclaimed responsibility for any damage caused by their employees or contractors.

    Last revised on 4th October 2021