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Junior Sailing School

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If you still want to learn why not book for our summer holiday sailing camp in the first 2 weeks of August click here to find out more

The IBRSC Junior Sailing School at IBRSC is a very popular and successful way for Juniors, typically aged 7 - 17, to learn how to sail and go on to become a successful racer. We regularly have over 50 Junior sailors out on the water on Summer Sunday afternoons. 

The Junior Sailing School courses are designed to suit abilities ranging from beginners, sailing in Oppies or Toppers  to more experienced sailors with several years experience sailing; these will sail Toppers, Fevas and Lasers (4.7, Raidial or Full Rig). 

Juniors do not need to have their own boat in the beginners courses. Priority for use of Club boats is given to first time sailors or for those moving class on a first come first served basis.  Once all the club boats have been assigned futher applicants can still join if they own a boat. To rejoin in the same class for a second year we expect juniors to have their own boat, although if Club boats are spare then second year sailors may be able to use them.    

Number of places available for each course / boat type
TypeBoat OwnershipNumber of Places
Oppie BeginnersClub Boats14
Oppie IntermediateSelf Owned10

Topper BeginnersClub Boats8
Topper BeginnerSelf Owned4

Topper Intermediate (Racing Skills)Self Owned
Feva  (Racing Skills)Club Boats8 (4 boats)
Feva (Racing Skills)Self Owned8 (4 Boats)
Laser (Racing Skills)Club Boats
Laser (Racing Skills)Self Owned

2019 dates:
Oppies (returning)

Sunday April 28th - 1.30pm then every Sunday until Sunday July 28th
August - No sailing Scool
Sunday September 1st - 1.30pm then every Sunday until September 29th

Oppies (newcomers)

Sunday April 21st - 1.30pm Induction and sail on a Vision with our insructors
For 2019 we have introduced 2 Oppie begginer courses: one group starting at 1.00pm and another at 3.00pm
Sunday April 28th - 1.00pm or 3.00pm  then every Sunday until Sunday July 28th
August - No sailing Scool
Sunday September 1st - 1.00pm or 3.00pm  then every Sunday until September 29th

School starts with juniors ready and changed at 2.00pm (or 1.00pm/3.00pm for Oppie beginners)and juniors are released at 5pm.

Junior Sailing School is for IBRSC Members only. Participants can be either individual Cadet members or part of a Family membership. Details of IBRSC membership can be found here.

The booking and payment system for Junior Sailing School is all done online. The process of enrolment to join a course through the links below will take you through the steps that ensure that applicants have the correct type of Club membership. Please note that this is now the only way to join the Junior Sailing School. 

Beginners or near beginners, ages ranging from approximately 7 to 9, are taught to sail in Oppies. Generally, they will have not have gained their RYA Stages 1 and 2 certificates yet, but it is not an issue if they have and need more time in a smaller boat before applying to join Intermediate classes.

The Club provides a number of Oppies for those taking up sailing but in order to keep opportunities open for new beginners each season we do require that all Barn Owls returning for a second year must possess their own Oppie or Optimist. Exception can be made if there are spare Club boats available after the application process has been completed, but priority for a Club boat goes to first year beginners.

After completing one or two years on Oppies, Barn Owls can move to the Intermediate group.

This is the core group of the Junior Sailing School, with a typical age range of 9 to 17. Intermediate sailors will typically have spent a year or two in Oppies in the Beginners group or gained equivalent experience elsewhere.

Generally juniors start off in the Topper group for a year or more before progressing to either the 2 handed Feva or the Laser 4.7/Radial, where the training is more racing focused. 

The Club provides a number of Toppers, Fevas and Lasers for those without their own boat but in order to keep opportunities open for newcomers each season we do require that all Intermediate Sailors returning for a second year in the same class must possess their own boat. Exception may be made if there are spare Club boats available after the application process has been completed, but priority for a Club boat goes to first year sailors per class.

Club byelaws require all children under 16 to be accompanied by a responsible adult who must remain at Club premises. All parents of Junior Sailing School participants will be expected to give assistance of some sort, according to their experience and qualifications. This could be to assist with instruction, take beginners out on the water, operate power boats, prepare and put away power boats, rig and de-rig dinghies, help on jetties, help in the kitchen.

At the start of the season in April the water is cold and participants WILL get wet. The ideal kit is a full wet suit, dinghy boots or old trainers with wetsocks or thick socks and a spray top over the wet suit to reduce the wind chill. A hat and sailing gloves are useful to have and will get very well used. A suitable bouyancy aid for the size of the child is ESSENTIAL. The Club has a number of bouyancy aids for use by members, but it helps to have your own. 

If you have no wet suit (NOT RECOMMENDED IN APRIL), wear long legged and long sleeved thermals, under a mid layer e.g. track suit or fleece with a waterproof top and ideally waterproof trousers. Plus a bouyancy aid.

As the weather warms up, shorts and t shirts have been known to make an appearance, but even in summer it can be cold on the water, especially if its windy. Suncream and caps become essential even on cloudy days because of the reflection off the water.

Everyone must bring complete change of clothing as you will probably become completely soaked. Bring a towel. There are hot showers.

Do buy a (second hand) Oppie / Optimist, Topper, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial.

You will learn maintenance skills, boat tuning skills, can get in practice at any time, and take it on holiday. One per child. An Oppie / Optimist is fine for younger, lighter, children. Upgrade to a Topper 4.2, then a Topper, when you start racing regularly. When you become too large for a Topper, you can consider a Laser 4.7 and / or Laser Radial.

The Optimist, Topper and Laser lead to RYA coaching.

If you want to sail a 2 hander, with a friend, the RS Feva is perfect for 10 -15 year olds. The Feva is also RYA supported.

Bring an exercise book and pen for taking notes.


They are very knowledgeable on all the junior classes and very helpful to beginners. They do boat and clothing repairs.

Do come on time. Aim to arrive at 1.30pm for a 2pm start and please attend regularly. Miss as few sessions throughout the summer as possible. Persistently irregular attendance leads to loss of confidence in the young sailor and may result in a request from us for the youngster to cease attendance for his / her own sake and so that those on the waiting list can have a place.

While we all strive to give you the very best tuition we can, our overall aim is for you all to have fun. We think most participants had a lot of fun in the past and we strive to maintain this standard.