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Boat Hire

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  • FREE Daily Hire

    We have a selection of dinghies that can be used for free on daily basis. Sorry but we don't allow these  dinghies to be used by non-members for organisational and financial reasons. Please only use a boat if you know how to rig and sail it, see our Safety Conditions of Boat Hire for our rules on who can hire boats.  Boats are allocated on a first come first served basis with the exception of priority going to the sailing schools on Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

    Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club
    Boat Hire Rates


    oppie for hire
    Ideal for junior sailors (aged 7 to 10) just starting to learn to sail.  This classic boat is incredible stable and very robust.


    topper for hire
    The topper is the most popular junior sailing boat.  It is mainly sailed by children aged 10 to 15 years.  This boat is as popular for learning as it is for racing. 


    topaz for hire
    The Topaz is a robust dinghy that can be sailed by one junior/adult or two juniors.  It has variable set ups with one or two sails.

    Laser or Solo

    laser dinghy hire at island barn reservoir sailing club

    The laser is an Olympic class sailing dinghy.  It comes with 3 rig settings: 4.7, Radial and full rig.  making this boat ideal for a wide range of ages, from youths to grand masters, in all weather conditions.

    solo for hire
    The solo is a single handed dinghy designed to be sailed by adults of all skill levels.

    RS Feva

    rs feva for hire
    The RS Feva is a doubled handed asymmetric dinghy for junior sailors (ages 12 - 16).  It has a mainsail, jib and spinnaker.  Ideal for advancing basic sailing skills into fast racing techniques. 

    RS 200* or RS Vision

    rs200 for hire
    The RS200 is a double handed asymmetric racing dinghy.  It has a main sail, jib and spinnaker.  This boat is for those who are experienced at sailing and want to practice their skills in a performance dinghy.

    The RS Vision is a double/triple handed dinghy.  It's a great boat to learn to sail in or just cruise around the reservoir.  There is plenty of space in the boat and it has various set ups including a spinnaker.  

    Please note that when operating TrySail has priority for Visions, Lasers, Topazs and Solos on Tues evenings
    Barnstormers has priority for Oppies, Toppers, Fevas and Lasers on Sunday afternoon (Solos, Topazs and Visions available)

    jion now

    Hirers must ensure that they and any other helm sailing the boat is a Club member
    Hirers are responsible for ensuring that the competence of themselves or any other user of the boat during the period of hire is assessed as above. Please don't guess; if you don't know how to rig or sail a boat, see our Safety Conditions of Boat Hire for our rules on who can hire boats.
    Hirers are responsible for organising the maintenance of boats during the hire period (with costs reclaimable from the Club)
    Hirers must pay the excess of any insurance claim

    The Club will keep the boats insured at all times
    The Club will provide a convenient berthing place
    The Club will consider any request to purchase a boat during or after the hire period. Wherever possible, a potential price will be agreed at the beginning of the hire period.

    Safety Conditions of Boat Hire

    Remember, your safety is your responsibility - Please do not take out boats in unsuitable conditions

    IN LIGHT WEATHER (below 15 mph average)
    All hire is conditional on a basic standard of sailing - RYA level 2, Trysail certificate or equivalent experience. In light weather (below 15 MPH) The Duty Officer may assess your experience based on an explanation of what you have sailed.

    IF THE WIND is generally over 15 mph or gusting to 20 MPH, only AUTHORISED HELMS may take out club boats
    Some club boats may be restricted to light weather. This will be clearly marked on the boats (some club boats are quite old, still good for learning in light weather but not suitable for very windy weather).

    If you expect to take a club boat out in strong winds ask to be authorised in advance. Authorisation is obtained by demonstrating your skills either because you already race (club members who regularly sail their own boats in strong winds but want to try a different boat), or by initially sailing under the direct supervision of a one of the officials listed below. You will then be added to the authorised list in the hire book.
    Please do not ask to for supervised certification before racing on the day as unfortunately there is normally not time to facilitate this. However after racing there is usually someone available to certify you. Asking ahead of time (by email to sailing secretary) is generally best. We want you on the water and will do our best to help.

    If you do not already know the people listed below, ask the duty officer or bar staff to point them out. The following may approve you for hiring club boats.

    Gareth Griffiths
    Nick Marley
    Mike Storey
    Chris Smith

    A list of authorised helms will be maintained in the hire book.

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