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In the production of this website cookies (http://www.allaboutcookies.org/) are used to store anonymised data on the pages visited by all users.  The cookies used are set using Google Analytics and our website content management system. These package provides a series of reports detailing tracking data such as most visited pages, time spent on the website and total number of daily visitors.

By using this website you are giving this website your consent to set the cookies as described above.  If you wish to opt out of using cookies on this website then set your browser to reject all cookies; this will block this website from setting cookies on your computer.  If you strongly disagree with the use of cookies, do not know how to adjust the settings in your browser or do not consent to this website gathering usage reports then do not visit this website.

Cookies we use:

ibrscbox - is used to ensure users do not see an overlay promoting forthcoming events more than once.
ibrscsmall - is used to ensure users do not see an events modal box promoting forthcomming events more than once.
cookieConsent - is used to recored that you are happy for this website to use cookies.

The cookies named __utma  through  __utmz and __ga to __gat come from Google Analytics, which primarily uses it to track visits.  The cookie names likely come from the earlier versions called the Urchin Tracking Module, and are also by the newer ga.js.

Some details:

    __utmz stores where a visitor came from (search engine, search keyword, link)

    __utma stores each user's amount of visits, and the time of the first visit, the previous visit, and the current visit (presumably partly for double checking of this information).

    __utmb and __utmc are used to check approximately how long you stay on a site: when a visit starts, and approximately ends (c expires quickly). If you look at cookie state changes (e.g. using firecookie), you will see these change regularly.

   __ga   is used to distinguish users.

   __gid is used to distinguish users.

   __gat1 is used to throttle request rate.


    __utmv is used for user-custom variables in Analytics

    __utmk - digest hashes of utm values (verify)

    __utmx is used by Website Optimizer, when it is being used(verify)