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Anniversary Series 2012 Final

  • The last race of the series was run in a lightish breeze on an overcast day. The RS200s were starting their winter open series ansd went off first with their own start. There was considerable jockeying for position amongst the RS200s and Peter Curtis found himself more or less forced to tack off immediately. That it transpired, was exactly the right thing to do, and a private wind variation (isn't annoying how the best sailors most often get these) took him well clear of the pack and a nearly two minute lead over the next RS200. Amongst the others Clare James and Lucy Gibson had the best of a race long battle with Martin Vinson, and took 2nd place.

    Meanwhile a depleted fast start saw Richard Barker's Phantom taking an not altogether unexpected lead, racing on the water with an RS400, but with Mike and Sophie Storey keeping in suspiciously close attendance with their distinctive bright blue National.

    From the slow start Gareth Griffiths (Solo) and Chris Smith (Streaker) were the leaders, with Gareth taking the lead on the water.

    And so to results. The extra start rather complicated doing results, and that's one of the reasons why this write up is late. Her domestic majesty is away at the moment and I've been struggling for time at home too, so that's another excuse... Anyway with the standard handicaps Peter C won the race by a good margin from Mike and Sophie, with Chris Smith taking 3rd from Gareth and Clare/Lucy and Martin Vinson rounding out the top six.

    In the personal handicap series Clare took the win from Martin, with Dave Baldwin taking 3rd place in his Vareo - not the conditions for that really I should have thought. Chris Smith took 4th, Ian Cleaver 5th and John Oldham 6th in his Comet Trio.

    Which, of course, winds up the series. And what a close series it turned out to be.

    In the scratch series Gareth took the series on tie break, 1,1,(2) beating Julie Harrison (RS200)'s 1,1,(3). Peter Curtis was just half a point behind with 1, 1.5 OOD, ( 2). Mike Storey was 4th and Chris Smith took 5th from Mark Ampleford (Solo) by virtue of having tied for 5th behind Mark's 4th place back in May.

    The personal handicap competition was if anything closer - especially after a recount! Julie Harrison won, with 1,3. Next was Kathryn Webb in a Topper, with two seconds, and, by virtue of scoring her 2nd 2nd in September, beat CJ who also had two seconds, but the last in August. Ian Cleaver (RS200) took 4th, Gareth Griffiths an ineligible for prizes 5th, Dave Baldwin 6th and Clare/Lucy 7th.

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