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Anniversary Series August

  • I usually write a piece for the anniversary series races, but this month I'm struggling for material. It was sunny (well sunny, cloudy later, and almost no wind. The best time to complete two laps of a (by rough measurement on an aerial photo) half mile course was something like 50 minutes, and the worst, after the wind switched off, something like 90. I actually got very close to dozing off completely in a sailboat race!

    It kinda begs the question, at what point should we abandon a handicap race, because with time on time scoring, which is what we use with handicap racing in this country, periods of flat calm effectively prevent the handicap system working. At the moment we don't have a specific policy, so you can't really blame the RC for just carrying on.

    Anyway, the people who seemed to me to sail the best in the bits when there was enough wind to sail probably did best, so I guess the result is valid. Gareth Griffiths took the win, with Frank Beanland 2nd and CJ 3rd, all in Solos. However our faster boats were all absent, which would have been the biggest problem for the handicap system. Quite a few of our RS200s, for instance, are at Exmouth for the RS200 Nationals, results should be here: Today racing was cancelled: no wind!


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