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Anniversary Series 20th May

  • All in a hot and copper sky, the bloody sun, at noon, tight up above the mast did stand, no bigger than the moon. Day after day, day after day, we stuck, nor breath nor motion; as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean.

    Meanwhile it was cold and overcast at Island Barn Reservoir. No real suprises their then: May is it, or March? The wind was roughly northerly, and boy, it meant to let you know where it had come from. There was a decent racing breeze, so no real complaints about not being able to pack the winter sailing gear away yet. For the anniversary race we had one of the more complex courses in the race book, basically what I call an unwrapped Olympic featuring pretty much a triangle and a sausage, not necessarily in that order, and a short shy reach to spread the legs about between marks.

    The race looked pretty good from the shore. The RS200s seemed to like the conditions and the course: Julie Harrison and Harry Phelps were especially going well and seemed to be building up a decent lead. The Solos were also looking good value for money: even during the first lap, with CJ Cavallari taking the early lead, they seemed to be actually catching the tail end of the Laser fleet they had started two minutes after. Usually you tend to expect that if there's a tight battle at the front of the fleet then a class will tend to drop back compared to the others, but the three way struggle and place changing between CJ, Mark Ampleford annd Gareth Griffiths seemed to be doing little to slow the rate at which they were catching nominally faster boats ahead of them.

    Results are here as normal. In the scratch series the top 6 was 1st Julie Harrison (RS 200), Gareth Griffiths (Solo), Mark Ampleford (Solo), Nick Marley (RS 200), then Paul Playle (Solo) and Chris Smith (Streaker) tied for 5th. I understand Chris made his own Streaker over the winter, so with Paul's Solo that's two recent wood homebuilds at IBRSC, nice to see.

    The personal series is going to need adjudication. At the moment scores stand at Nick Marley (RS 200 Band 4) 1st, then Ian Cleaver (RS 200 Band 3), Cj Cavallari (Solo Band 2), Julie Harrison (RS 200 Band 1), Mark Ampleford (Solo Band 1), and Dave Baldwin (RS Vareo Band 4) and Brian Greenaway (Laser Band 2) tied for 6th. However I think Nick's RS 200 was actually being steered by Carl Mayhew, although entered by Nick, and Carl is most definitely *not* a band 4 competitor. I am seeking guidance, and hoping for a solution that doesn't make scoring the personal handicaps even more arduous than they are already.



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