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Anniversary Race April

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As some of you may have noticed by the lack of blue misguided missile, I'm not on the water at the moment, so I really only turned up in time to do results for the Anniversary race today. It seemed to me you were enjoying a very substantial breeze, certainly a very solid Force 5, and a northerly too for all those nice eddies under the clubhouse. Having turned up to do the results I proceeded to calculate them incorrectly in the first instance, so what was on the screen immediately after the last race was in fact wrong. I also had problems with the personal handicap data, so those weren't there at all. Give or take a bit of formatting they should be here.

It certainly looked as if there should be enough action to suit anyone, with boats hurtling over and even under the very full reservoir water. I think we're going to have to do some rejigging of pontoons and things if its going to stay at this level. We'll also need to be very disciplined about where we leave trolleys, because there's no room to get a boat past a launching trolley any more.

Turnout seemed a bit depleted for the back to back races - aching muscles? -  but it was quite the opposite for the first day of the sailing school, with the clubhouse crowded. What's interesting is the large number of girls we get along for the school these days. Judging by the numbers present more volunteers to assist with the sailing school will be very welcome - contact Mike Jones.

Remember it doesn't have to be me writing reports like this: anyone can have a go. It would be good to have something from our younger and more enthusiastic sailors to counteract the inevitable cynicism of this jaded old timer...

Oh yes, I've listed this year's personal handicaps on a separate page, but its worth mentioning that the RYA are currently putting a lot of effort into rejigging the Portsmouth yardstick returns to get more and more current data, and hopefully to get better numbers. There was large piece on the subject by YY correspondent Andy Rice in a recent issue of Yachts and Yachting, which is around the clubhouse. Its worth a read, but I would take issue with some of the things he says. On the whole I reckon the system works pretty well, but there's inevitably a struggle to establish the difference in performance between boats (say 5% between a Solo and a Laser) from the difference between Sailors - often 25% between front and back of the fleet. That's why we tend to only manipulate numbers for classes we have good data for. Both plenty of races and entries at the club and Open meeting results are good for establishing this...

Comment away folks, you don't want to just read my wibbling...


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