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Anniversary Series October And Last

  • Two weeks ago it was shirtsleeves and hot sun, this morning I was scraping ice off the van windows. It started getting pretty misty by Chessington, but when I got to the club the fog was so thick that you could barely see the F mark from the clubhouse, and certainly none of the other marks. What's more it was flat calm. At that point a lot of us lost interest... However patience was (sort of) rewarded and by 12:15 there was just about enough wind to start a race, and a minimal course was set and some brave souls set out - 5 Solos, three Lasers and three others. Quentin Andrews set the pace in his Solo and won the race by some margin - on the water let alone on handicap... The top 6 (all except one Solos were: 

    Quentin Andrews, Mike Lipscombe, Peter Cottrell, Mervyn Cinnamond, Dave Bean: Dave stopped a Solo clean sweep by 4 corrected seconds! and 6th Frank Beanland. The personal handicap results were very similar, but with Andy Collison (Magno) slipping in ahead of Dave bean relegating him to 6th and Frank to 7th.

    The full series results are here. As predicted last month Gareth Griffiths and David Clarke won the scratch and personal series respectively, and Quentin Andrews was second in both. In the final analysis Mervyn Cinnamond 3rd in both, Peter Cottrell 4th in both, Peter Curtis 5th in the Scratch (the only non-Solo in the top 7 under either scoring), Gareth 5th in the Personal, CJ 6th in the scratch and Chris Smith 6th in the personal handicap. With three very light airs races in the series and three races to count the Solo dominance was fairly predictable, but I expect we'll still viciously shave their handicaps anyway...




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