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Sun 18th Anniversary Series And Some Photos Of the Afternoon Training

  • Frankly there was naff all wind about, and then I was without my boat and so Peter Curtis kindly lent me his RS300. Unfortunately I've only sailed it in breeze, and I spent the first two laps of the race desperately trying and failing to work out how to get the sail to set and the daggerboard to stay where I wanted it... That led to some comedy moments, such as the one where, having taken the daggerboard out on the run to work out how to rig it better I couldn't get it back in again and I found myself doing an entirely unnecessary 360 degree turn!

    As for the rest of the race for the rest of the fleet: well I was kinda preoccupied, and by the time I got the board in the right place and the mainsail in some vague approximation of a shape that wanted to go upwind most were a long way away. I then sailed up to a ferocious battle which seemed to be involving about 5 Solos, the Byte, at least one Vareo and probably Uncle Tom Cobley as well... It hardly seemed good manners to go bashing through that lot at that stage in the race, so I tried to keep clear: it was quite a battle, I could see that, but I also think there should perhaps have been a few more penalty turns being done... Slapped wrists...

    The race results are here, series results too if you scroll up the page... That Gareth Griffiths won the race in a Solo is probably not a suprise bearing in mind the weather, but managing to do so with the lowest *elapsed* time was definitely taking the mickey! Predictably it was something of Solo day with Quentin Andrews taking 2nd and Paul Playle 3rd, both also in Solos. Julie Harrison took 4th in an RS200, John Magrath 5th in a Laser, and Paul Wright Anderson 6th in his Rooster whatsit... The personal handicap was even more of a Solo benefit... In order David Clark, Quentin Andrews, Clare Overstall, Paul Playle, Gareth Griffiths and John Magrath and Chris Smith with only Clares' RS200 and John's Laser Solo clean sweep of the top 6 (and another 3 Solos in the top 10!).

    Of course we have now completed 4 of the 5 races in the Anniversary series, so series places are firming up... It will be 3 races to count, and in the scratch series Gareth G has three wins, so he can clear a spot on the mantlepiece...  I'm pretty sure Quentin Andrews is uncatchable for second too. Thereafter, well any number of people can grab third. The personal series is wrapped up just as thoroughly: David Clark has three wins and at the moment a "win" as OOD average points for his 4th result... I think Quentin Andrews has another second place wrapped up for this one too. Third place: well, its really anyones game. Mervyn Cinnamond is third now, but thereafter: well I reckon everyone up to 10th place can snatch third, but you'll notice that includes about half of the Solo fleet: the work they've been putting in on class coaching seems to be paying off. Speaking of OOD points I haven't got the duty team down for August or this Month's results: please will you put comments to this message to let me know who needs the average points.


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