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Membership Types

  • Family Membership / Adult member: This is the most popular membership type at the club. We offer one membership type for both adult members and thier family (the partner and children under 24 of a full member). Full sailing rights, windsurfing, SUP, canoe/kayak, full duty commitments, the adult member has voting rights at AGMs. Fees differ slightly depending on whether you own a boat or not. Berthing fees are extra. We encourage non-sailing family members to register for and undertake duties. Note: other that the adult from the family the other family members have no AGM voting rights.

    junior sailing membershipCadet member: under 18 (or under 24 if in full time education), but not a family member: i.e. a student  who wants to join in his/her own right. An individual membership with full sailing rights, full duty commitments for those 14 or over, and cheaper berthing. No AGM voting rights. Those under 14 are excused duties but we encourage parents of Junior Sailing School participants to help out.

    Senior member: someone over state pension age. Discounted membership (pensioner power!), full sailing rights, full duty commitments and AGM voting rights

    Windsurfing Member: Membership for those who wish to only windsurf at the club and won't patricipate in sailing.  Full duty commitments.

    SUP Member & Canoe Kayak Member: Membership for those who want to participate in Stan Up Paddle Boarding or Canoing at the club. Full duty commitments.

    stand up paddle board SUP at island barn reservoir sailing clubWinter member: usually a sailor or someone who wants to try the club out when others are closed. Allowed to sail from 1st November to 31st March each year, Sundays only, and one duty to be carried out during this time. No AGM voting rights.

    Wednesday evening: permitted to sail on Wednesday evenings during the Wednesday series. They can leave their boat and trailer at IBRSC during the week but must remove them at the end of the Wednesday series. Wednesday members are exempt from normal club duties but must complete normal Wednesday evening duties during the series. No AGM voting rights.

    Day member: permitted to sail at the club for one day only.  Day members may bring their boat to the club or, where they have the relevant experience, they may hire a Club boat for an additional hire fee.

    Associate member: an ex-full member who has moved away, or no longer sails, but still wishes to keep in touch with the club. No sailing rights, but no duties either, and able to visit the club anytime. No AGM voting rights.

    Honorary member: at the discretion of the Committee. We can have up to six honorary members at a time. Honorary members don't pay any fees and are members for life with AGM voting rights.

    Non-Voting member - a person who wishes to use the facilities of the Club for a limited period to be specified from time to time by the Committee. This may include day sailing, membership for a specified racing series only, membership for taking part or assisting in training sessions and entry to Open Meeting racing.  The parent or guardian of a Cadet member shall automatically become a Non-Voting member when present at the Club for the purpose of supervising that Cadet member.

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