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July Anniversary Handicap

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  • Summer here, and breeze with it. Quite delightful. A good F3, and it seemed fairly steady from the commitee boat - early on at least: the back to back races were another matter... Course wise we set beat, shortish shy reach, run, short beat, broadish reach back to the start. The long run looked so true it seemed a pity not to use it, and there were few asymmetric boats out so I'm afraid the few had to suffer two hoists a lap... their crews all looked nice and healthy:-)

    From the fast start Carl Mayhew took an early lead, but it didin't look anything like enough of a lead: especially over Peter Curtis who looked to be very close indeed. The Storeys didn't look badly placed in their 12 either, whilst Rob Pettit seemed to open up a lead fairly early on the other Lasers. By Lap 2 Gareth Griffiths had opened up quite a lead amongst the Solos, whilst Carl and Peter had a very big gap between themselves and the rest. The main bunch of the Solo fleet especially seemed to be very close: there's a fair bit of place changing on the lap chart in front of me, and Tony Butler is notable for picking up several places amongst the Lasers.

    We sent most of the fast fleet round for a 4th lap and stopped the Solos (plus a couple of stragglers) it seemed too good out there not to give them as much sailing as possible...

    Well results... I seemed to have made a thorough stuff up of the results on the day... Having now double checked and triple checked against the original sheets, not the clean copy Gareth Griffiths won from Peter Curtis and Mike and Alex Storey. Rob Pettit was 4th, Peter Halliday 5th and Carl Mayhew picked up 6th... Full results are here. Overall that means Gareth leads Peter Rob and Mike, the difference being 1 point in each case. John Leheup and Malcolm Barnes round out the top 6.

    Ian Hamilton won yet another personal handicap race: see last Wednesday's notes for more on this topic.  Having now checked the results [Monday] I find that Clare James was second in her Laser and Tony Butler, John Smith (Lasers) then CJ Cavallari and Paul Playle (Solos) made the top 6. Overall Ian Hamilton is just ahead of George Woolhouse, then Tony Butler, Paul Playle, John Smith and Brian Greenaway...


    I don't normally mention the back to backs in this, but a general recall in race three, followed by 4 individual recalls in the restart are well worthy of a note... when I saw them getting close to a second recall I was seriously wondering whether I should get the black flag out! Fortunately I could identify all four satisfactorily in the end...



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