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2010 Qanniversaryq Series Month Two

  • I missed last month's race, hence no report, although I understand it was very light indeed.


    I nearly missed this month's race too, but that was owing to being upside down near enough to the bank to get the mast in the mud and wipe out the windex... Oh well... I arrived at the line just in time to join a queue of returning Solos, so I can only conclude that their start was a most eneregtic and well thought out affair. There was, I guess, about a force three breeze, maybe lower end of F3, and enough for the Canoe to get through the Solos easily enough. Mr Curtis' RS300, on the other hand, was distinctly headed horizonwards, followed Rob Pettit and Terry McCarthy, who seemed to be having a good old battle in their Lasers.

    Judging by the lapchart. which I have in front of me at the moment, Gareth Griffiths took an early lead amongst the Solos. As I rememeber the course was an unwrapped Olympic of beat, shyer reach, broader reach, a long fetch/ultra shy reach rather than a second beat, and then a run. The gustier versions of the ultra shy reach were very welcome on Team Canoe, but sadly not enough to catch Mr Curtis, even the one time wehere a rogue shift caused him to tack up to the windward mark when no-one else had to... There were enough shifts anout that there were definitely right and wrong ways up the beat, and compressions gusts were frequent on the long run, so catching or missing these was crucial. Suprisingly for windier conditions Gareth won in his Solo, with Rob Pettit second in his Laser, Peter Curtis third, and Terry McCarthy 4th. Paul Playle took 5th in another Solo, and John leheup 6th in a Laser, so the classes were pretty well mixed up.


    We also have the personal handicap runing for the Anniversary series, and some different names featured in this. Ian Hamislton took the race in a Topper Xenon, followed by George Woolhouse and Caroline Baldwin in Topper Toppers (!). Terry McCarthy took 4th, Paul Playle 5th, and Peter Renn took 6th in another Solo.


    Full results:  read 'em here...

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