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Anniversary Race 16th August

  • Quite a nice breeze for this one, I guess around the top of force 2, although at rigging time it was showing signs of building to rather more. The duty team was *very* light, and your scribe sulkily abandoned his Canoe for the race in order to make up the bare minimum of two people in the safety boat and one in the commiteee boat. Folks, if you can't make your race duty days *please* arrange a swap...

    Anyway the course was a sort of q course - beat, shy reach,gybe and shy reach back, and then a couple of deep reaches come runs (which was which depending on the state of the shifts) and back up again. It looked great for the Canoe (he said even more sulkily!). Unusually the start/finish line was set about a third of the way up the beat. I've been mulling over whether this could be a good idea, I would be interested in what folk had to say.

    Peter Curtis was clear of the entire fleet early on. In fact the only time he saw another boat in the race was when he was lapping them. The next fastest boat was Matt Stiles' National 12, and he soon pulled clear of the Lasers. Graham Hughes, sailing with two (very small) crew in his Graduate was also seen pulling clear of the Solos on the first lap. The Lasers seemed to scatter very early, with Andy Barnett taking the lead, but the Solo "pack" had a notably tight race, vocal, and with much luffing and three and four boat overlaps at marks. At the end of lap one Peter Cottrell was the leading Solo, but on the next lap Gareth got through, and eventually overtook the Graduate as well. The third lap was notable for an extraordinarily loud cry of starboard, heard right across the lake. It transpired that this was a family incident, Curtis P versus Curtis J and H... The mid fleet Solos were battling right to the end, with, I think places changing on the last little beat up to the line.

    So results. It was with no great suprise I saw the numbers coming out with Peter Curtis first and Matt Stiles second. Andy Barnett took third, and Gareth Griffiths 4th, a whole two corrected seconds ahead of Steve Day's Laser. Peter Cottrell rounded out the Top 6. In the personal handicap David Lawton (Solo) won, Peter Curtis was second, James Curtis (Feva) third, Caroline Baldwin 4th, Quentin Day (Laser) 5th and Dave Clark (Solo) 6th.

    The Anniversary handicap now takes a month off, as next month we have the Open pursuit event, but will conclude in October. Peter Curtis already has three wins in the scratch event, so he can make a space on the mantelpiece for the trophy! Gareth Griffiths has I think secured second, but there are any number of candidates for third. In the personal handicap Peter is theoretically leading, but is ineligible for any prizes as a band zero competitor. David Lawton, James Curtis, Tony Butler and Caroline Baldwin can all win the series, and I imagine there are any number of candidates for the top three...