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Anniversary Race Sunday 21st June

  • Rather light really. In fact very light at times. At my (late) rigging time there appeared to be an extraordinarily healthy number of Solos and Lasers rigging up at the west end of the pond, but almost no faster boats at all: Curtises and the like were all absent and only the Carl and Julie Mayhew's RS400 and my Canoe were represented of boats with three figure handicaps. I didn't get to see the fast boat start due to the aforementioned light winds, late rigging time and startline at the far side of the reservoir: I don't wish to embarrass myself further on the topic...

    It was a strange sort of race really: there was an awful lot of waiting in calms and watching people catch up, then getting away again, and an awful lot of wind changes. The first beat in particular seemed enormously frustrating. The Mayhews took an early lead as you'd expect, but weren't really heading over the horizon in the way they often do: fickle winds and odd wind directions I guess were impeding them... Unusually the Solo fleet seemed to become split in half during the race, and the second half, together with the Stiles in a Feva and a couple of others got virtually becalmed on the last lap, finishing some six minutes behind the rest. Eddie Holland sportingly elected not to finish in order to have the bar open and ready for the rest of us which was greatly appreciated:-)

    Results... Brian Greenway took the race in a Laser, with Gareth Griffiths some 20 corrected seconds behind in a Solo - a very good performance in what on the face of it were more Solo conditions. Arthur Phillips (Solo) was 3rd, Dave Bean (Laser) 4th, Mike Lipscombe (Solo) 5th and the Mayhew's 6th in the 400. With the personal handicaps Mr Greenway won again, two wins in one race seems good value! Second was very provisionally Topper 9066 (I don't know who was sailing it, and the personal handicap is subject to correction... Mark Timbs, Dave Bean and John Magrath took the next three places in Lasers, and Dave Strachan's Solo rounded out the top six.

    Series wise Gareth Griffiths and Peter Curtis tie for the lead, with a first and a second each, Arthur Phillips and the Mayhews are close for the next two places, whilst Brian Greenway's win brings him into the top five. In the personal series the top three are unchanged, all getting discards of one form or another, but Mr Greenaway's other win brings him up to 4th in that series, with David Lawton up to 5th.

    In other news I seem to have destroyed the much maligned club laptop with the aid of a pint of ginger beer shandy. Attempts at revival will start tomorrow, but I am not optimistic about its chances. If any of your employers would like to donate a redundant laptop to the club then feel welcome to make the offer: we don't need anything very sophisticated: just a species of windows (W98 is good enough), an ethernet interface and preferably a copy of MS Excel will fit the bill...

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