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Wednesday Evening Personal Ratings 2012

  • This table is based on the methods I use for the personal handicapping. Don't go thinking these are your personal handicaps for next year, or that they should be for this year, because the actual numbers are weighted averages over all the series and include various other factors, but they do represent the performance in the Wednesday races. I've shown the number of finishes each calculation is based on, because that affects the reliability - a calculation based on only two or three races isn't very reliable.

    If your numbers are tending to go down then you're improving. If not - maybe you need to book on a coaching session or something, or maybe that change of class wasn't too helpful. I find it quite striking how few people have competed in the same boat three years running.


    Sail NoName2010 Band2010 Finishes2011 Band2011 Finishes2012 Band2012 Finishes
    Topper16499Alistair Smith3.023.051.61
    Rs 200651Andy Groves  1.631.11
    Rs 200236Carl Mayhew0.311  1.58
    Rs 600710Carl Mayhew  1.580.01
    Topper45266Caroline Baldwin3.43    
    Byte Cii2634Caroline Baldwin  3.955.54
    Solo2042Chris Smith2.122.8100.81
    Streaker1770Chris Smith    2.74
    Solo2713Cj Cavallari1.92    
    Solo338Cj Cavallari  1.65  
    Solo4252Cj Cavallari    2.08
    Rs 200/Laser1236Clare James3.19    
    Rs 200945Clare James  3.1122.48
    Rs Vision8Clare Man    5.93
    Laser 30003318Clive Charlesworth5.955.995.91
    Laser154736Dave Baldwin2.8122.7134.47
    Laser140044Dave Bean1.912.13  
    Laser Radial140044Dave Bean    2.11
    Rs 600826Dave Nunn  1.8133.612
    Rs 300421Dave Ryder    3.23
    Laser168989Evan Cairns  1.0112.47
    Solo4859Gareth Griffiths0.39    
    Solo5215Gareth Griffiths  0.2110.611
    Albacore7918Graham Potter1.4112.0101.411
    Rs 200227Ian Cleaver  2.852.811
    Topaz Xenon4804Ian Hamilton3.291.77  
    Rs 400845Ian Hamilton  3.762.912
    Laser117457Ian Woods    2.71
    Canoe International257Jim Champ3.984.68  
    International Moth (Skol)3517Jim Champ    5.45
    Laser168115John Magrath2.0112.582.87
    Laser168842John Smith2.1142.3132.510
    Rs 2001265Julie Harrison1.62  0.82
    Laser178519Kevin Pearson0.7121.08  
    Laser Radial178519Kevin Pearson    1.28
    Topaz Xenon5862Kirstie Johnson5.924.77  
    Rs 2001238Kirstie Johnson    4.510
    Byte Cii2628Maggie Futcher3.58  3.96
    Laser44519Matthew Jones    5.92
    Rs 400917Mike Curtis0.5111.3131.510
    National 123491Mike Storey0.33  0.57
    Laser Eps115Mike Storey1.391.5122.22
    Vareo/Topaz Uno Race/Rs200408Nick Marley5.97    
    Rs Vareo408Nick Marley  5.911  
    Rs 200818Nick Marley    4.411
    Laser13640 (Club)Nigel Cope    5.94
    Laser Radial13640 (Club)Nigel Cope    3.52
    Solo5046Paul Playle1.212    
    Solo5241Paul Playle  1.691.05
    Rooster 8.1170487Paul Wright-Anderson  0.9131.19
    Laser170487Paul Wright-Anderson    1.02
    Phantom1289Richard Barker  1.061.17
    Laser184318Richard Hill  5.72  
    Laser195226Rob Pettit1.4131.472.43
    Solo3174Roy Poole  2.292.77
    Merlin Rocket3174Roy Poole    4.62
    Laser165372Simon Bean    2.41