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Member Duties

  • IBRSC has no staff and depends solely on volunteers to administer the Club, manage the premises and grounds, maintain the sailing facilities, safety and Club boats and provide the racing and training programme. To ensure the safe and effective running of the Club on our main sailing days of Saturday and Sunday we require all members to undertake three duty sessions per year and attend two working parties at the start and end of the summer season. Other sessions outside of these times are managed by members who volunteer their time in addition to undertaking their standard duty requirements. Many people at the Club provide many hours of service on behalf of the other members and it is this spirit of volunteerism that makes IBRSC the friendly and welcoming place that it is.

    Woeking party - topper fixesRegular sailors will find the duty commitment minimal and it means that our fees stay low. Plus you learn a great deal. We ask that you ensure that you are able to do these duties before joining Island Barn - the club can only work if everyone does their bit. If you cannot meet the commitment then unfortunately IBRSC may not be the right place for you.

    The Club does recognise however that a duty requirement such as we implement can be seen as a chore and consequently we introduced a felxible online duty booking system to effectively manage the skills, abilities and preferences of members. As a result we have reduced the number of duties required of members (previously it was four). The system is activated as part of the joining/rejoining membership process and allows members to choose the type and date of their three duties, within a few basic parameters. Duties are broadly split into racing, safety and catering roles and members can select the role they perform. We also actively encourage family members to participate as this helps reduce the duty burden for all.   

    Saturday duties are 1pm to 5pm, Sundays are 9am to 3pm (4pm on days when the Junior Sailing School or RYA Training are not operating), with an earlier end time in winter months. Wednesday evening sailors run the racing and catering themselves as a condition of participating in the series. At the twice-yearly working parties we blitz the club, clear the grounds, make things, break things, mend things and do all the jobs that have been building up over the months that require many hands to make light work. 

    When is my duty?
    Duty roles and dates are assigned as part of membership enrolment and provide flexibility of both role and date. Reminders of your selected duties are sent out in advance.
    Find out how duties are allocated.

    safety boat dutyWhat if I can't make one of my dates?
    If you find that you cannot make a duty date to which you have previously signed up for then a swap system operates. The onus is on members to arrange the swap. The new duty system is designed to work on the basis of members following through with the volunteering committments they themselves have selected. So if you receive a swap request, please consider why you CAN NOT do the swap. it could be you needing to swap next time and if someone does not turn up it could mean no sailing for everybody on that day. 

    But I don't know anything about running the races... 
    Don't worry. You can choose what role you want to do and you will be in a team led by an experienced IBRSC member. If you've never driven a power boat or started a race - we'll show you how and if you want we'll offer you a RYA Power Boat 2 training and qualification that is globally recognised. 
    What should I bring for my duty?
    If you are volunteering for an on-water role, then bring suitable kit to allow you to be in the safety boat. A full wetsuit or drysuit is mandatory over the winter season and a buoyancy aid is mandatory all year. Sitting in a power boat on the water can be a lot colder than actively sailing a dinghy, so wrap up warm. Gloves to pull anchor chains and a watch to time races are also useful.

    Also...please, sign up your family members to help out in suitable roles.