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Wednesday 4th July

  • Just a decent Wednesday evening's racing I guess.

    There was a moderate breeze at rigging time, and although it dimimished somewhat for the race it was a nice F1/2 for a pleasant evening's racing, and there wasn't really a sunset drop which is always welcome. Overcast, but not real rain (or drizzle!) about whilst we were sailing. Course: well a bit difficult to describe. Beat, stbd rounding, shy reach, stbd rounding/bear away, shortish broad reach which was verging on one sided run, stbd gybe rounding, longer reach which crossed the rhumb line of the beat, and then a gybe/port rounding onto a short shy reach back to the start. So a sort of distorted figure of eight.

    At the slow start it looked as if it was somewhat port biased, but Chris Smith managed a beautifully timed port end port tack start in his Streaker but failed to clear CJ in a Solo coming from the starboard end, so in practice the line must have been pretty true. These two, plus Graham Potter's Albacore, which took an early lead, showed up well in the slow fleet.

    Amongst the Lasers John Magrath was showing up well. However Mike Curtis' RS400 came slicing through the slower boats rather early on, with Carl Mayhew's 200 rather closer than one would normally expect. Both were considerably aided by the wind being light enough for the RS boats to fly their spinnakers to advantage on all four downwind legs...

    It was just a pleasant evening's racing really, with few dramas that can be reported here: "you should have been there" is probably as good a thing to say about it as any. Results are here: Carl M won by quite a margin, with Mike Curtis 2nd. Paul Wright Anderson's Rooster had made unspectacular progress to wind up third, followed by CJ, Chris Smith and Graham Potter. The Personal handicap went to Nigel Cope in a club Laser, followed by Cj Cavallari, Graham Potter, Nick Marley and then Kirstie Johnson in RS200s, with the top 6 rounded off by John Magrath.


    Oh yes, something entirely unrelated: if you look left over the bridge coming into the club onto the bank of the Mole then on the reservoir bank you'll see a large plant, something like Cow Parsley growing. This is an example of the notorious Giant Hogweed. Its pretty dangerous, so I suggest you don't go near it: the effect of exposure to the sap can be unpleasant and long lasting.


    [Next day] So, series...

    We probably have five or six races left in the series, so it will probably eight races to count, maybe seven if we have more than one cancellation. So there's plenty of time for any number of people to put in a late run for the title. I sus[pect it will be one of the current top 6, but I wouldn't like to pick which one...