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Wed 20 June

  • Jim took to the water and by the time he'd sailed - great to see him back on the water - and done all the results he needed a break so asked me to do the blog!

    For once a glorious summer evening - decent breeze if somewhat shifty Easterly but after the weather we've been having we'll take it! RO set a long first beat from 8 to 2 (yes mark two in an easterly... but those who were grumbing - remeber it could have been mark three...), a broad reach/run all the way to 7, short beat to 5 and reach back to to 8 - pretty much something for everyone.

    Good to see a race Officer who knows the flag sequences - he used most of them with a N flag course change, followed by a timing mistake turned into a postpone and fresh sequence.  Amazingly we all seemed to know what he meant.


     I only saw the slow start which got quite crowded at the pin end with CJ, Mike Storey and Gareth all looking for the pin. First CJ baled out, then Mike leaving Gareth just squeezing up round the pin. Mike and CJ both hit the line with speed Mike was already on port, Gareth tacked on the pin.  Up the beat these three pulled clear with the Mike leading, Gareth just behind then a small gap to CJ.

    Behind us there was a good fleet of lasers mixed between regular and radial - nice to see so many boats on the water. The the fast fleet with Mike Curtis quickly pulling away in the 400 and Carl looking well placed in the leading 200.

    As the race progressed it looked as if the N12 wasn't getting far enough ahead of the Solo who was maintaining his gap on the lasers but the fast fleet were clawing their way through. In the end we had SIX different classes in the first SIX places with the first three separated by just 30 second (Gareth from Carl from Mike Curtis). 

    In the Personal section CJ took the win from Kevin Pearson - the Personal overall is looking VERY close with Ian Cleaver still leading by some way on 5 points but one bad result could drop him to 5th and 2nd 3rd and 4th are separated by only 0.2 points. This one could go to the wire!


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