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Weds 6th June

  • D Day.  Worth spending a couple of minutes remembering that.

    As the first folk started thinking about rigging their boats we had a nasty little session of drizzle.   Now there’s a surprise. However it went through  reasonably briskly and didn’t really affect things, and left behind a very decent just about F4, diminishing slightly into F3 over the course of the evening, but a decent sailing breeze and not too cold either.

    Course wise, another longer course for the longer evenings, three laps consisting of beat, ¾ length run, one sided beat across the course, v broad reach and a long shy reach back to the start which was a struggle for some of the spinnaker boats at times.

    Aggressive starting amongst the Solos saw two boats over and having to circle back round the pin, otherwise everyone got away fairly, although maybe if I had better eyesight I might have had to call the tip of one RS200 bowsprit over right at the pin. However eyes were dim and I did not see…

    The race… Well the Richard Barker’s Phantom was going great guns in what was probably pretty decent  Phantom conditions.  Mike Curtis’ RS400 never really got well clear of them.  Gareth Griffiths was going very well in his Solo, and Paul Wright-Anderson looked good too, having changed down to a standard Laser rig. Clare and Lucy had a decent lead over several RS200s, whilst one of the tightest battles on the course was between Ian and Claire and James Curtis and Harry Smith, also in RS200s. The other tight battle was between CJ and (welcome back) Tony Tahourdin in Solos.

    Results, which are here, well Richard won by a mile in the Phantom, followed by Gareth,  Mike's RS400, Paul's Laser, Clare and Lucy 5th and Mike and Sophie, somewhat over powered in the 12, 6th by just a couple of seconds. Ian and Claire took another personal handicap win, with Clare and Lucy 2nd.

    Series wise, I think I've amalgamated the various multiple entries correctly now (corrections welcome), and Mike and Sophie lead the series narrowly from Richard Barker, with Paul Wright Anderson 3rd. Gareth is 4th, Kevin Pearson 5th and Mike Curtis 6th. With one extra win any of the top 5 could be leading the series: it's that close, and there's still plenty of time for others to put a series winning set of results together. This really is shaping up to be a really close competition.

    Ian and Claire lead the Personal Handicap series with three wins from Paul Wright-Anderson and Graham Potter with Kevin Pearson 4th, CJ Cavallari 5th and Carl Mayhew 6th. Its anyone's game yet though...

    One last thing: we need someone extra on the bar rota. What this involves is, naturally, opening up the club bar on a Sunday and serving the drinks. The team operate a rota so its normally around once a month. One attraction, if being out in the wind and rain doesn't appeal to you so much any more, is that the bar rota constitutes a duty team, and thus the members are excused from the normal cycle of race management duty. Contact Eddie or any of the others on the team for details.

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