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Wednesday 30th May Champagne Sailing

  • Well, what a super evening. It was warm , it was F3, it was sunny, it was, well it was why we do it really :-). Slightly disappointing turnout, and boy did you miss out folks.  I can’t think of a better antidote to a day in the Office.

    Course – well the evenings are lengthening, so we set something a bit more complicated than a quadrilateral. Long beat, shy reach, run, short (somewhat one sided) beat, broad reach back to the start. Three laps of this made for about an hour’s race.

    I set a long line with what I thought was a hint of port bias, but it seems it wasn’t enough to persuade people to try port end port tack starts, although in general folks were spread down the line. The exception was the Laser fleet,  who all wanted the six inches next to the committee boat.  If you look at the competitors I don’t think you’ll need me to tell you who it was who pushed Evan Cairns the wrong side of the committee boat and left him having to tack round behind it again…

    Mike and Sophie Storey were looking good in their fleet, having a good old fight on the water with Graham Potter’s nominally faster Albacore, who was in turn building a considerable lead on their fellow starters.  Amongst the Lasers things were going John Magrath’s way, and he led his class from partway through the first lap right to the finish.

    In the Fast fleet Mike Curtis and Julie Harrison seemed to be cutting things through nicely – and indeed they were to finish on a very nice gust that just saw them snatch line honours from the 12 and the Albacore…  Ian and Claire were looking the best of the 200s…

    So results. In the scratch the National won at a canter. Mike Curtis and Paul Wright Anderson (Rooster 8.1) dead heated for second,  Graham Potter picked up 4th, John Magrath 5th and Ian Cleaver & Claire Overstall 6th. So, unlike F1, we now have “only” 5 winners from 6 races.

    Ian and Claire took the personal handicap again, with Graham 2nd, Maggie Futcher 3rd in her Byte, John Magrath 4th, Kirstie Johnson 5th with her RS200 and John Smith BLSFH 6th.

    Series wise I *still* haven’t combined results where people have sailed multiple classes – does this add to the excitement, so actually Mike Storey is just leading from Paul Wright Anderson, but its all wide wide open yet.


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