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Wednesday 23rd May

  • Well Summer is icumen in, and very welcome a hot and sunny evening was too. A distinctly glassy surface to much of the reservoir when we got there, but it was considerate enough to fill in a tad to make for acceptable light airs racing. All in all, a considerable improvement on recent weeks.

    Graham Potter's Albacore and Mike and Sophie Storey in their 12 got to the windward mark first, followed by a pack of Solos, led by CJ, but then with some Lasers suspiciously close…  The fast fleet, on the other hand seemed a long way back. Did the Solos get a quiet patch for their start I wonder? It was definitely that sort of evening, although I’m assured the shifts were never too outrageous or the holes too deep.  Amongst the fast boats Clare and Lucy led at the windward from Paul W/A's Rooster, and then a pack of various RS craft.

    On the next lap the National seemed well clear up the beat, but got caught on the reach, having been faster than Albacore on that leg on the previous lap. Wind up to about 6 knots by the (probably bank exaggerated) anemometer at this stage, so it was quite a pleasant sailing breeze. Clare & Lucy and the Rooster were still contesting the fast boat lead on the water, and getting well up to the slower boats.

    The last lap saw something of a sunset drop in wind, and the 12 got well ahead.  CJ  was leading the Solos, John Magrath the Lasers. The  Lasers seemed to have got quickly up to the Solos, but hadn’t managed to overtake as many as they would have liked. Clare and Lucy were sailing a nicely judged race, and were just seconds behind the nominally faster Rooster 8.1 at the finish. They’d had a pretty good battle all round the track.

    Results are here. Mike and Sophie's win in the Twelve wasn't entirely unpredictable, but well deserved. Second were Clare James and Lucy Gibson, a super performance in what were not really RS200 conditions. Paul Wright Anderson took 3rd, Carl Mayhew (RS200) 4th, CJ Cavallari 5th and Graham Potter rounded out the top 6 in his Albacore.  In the Personal Handicap Clare and Lucy won by just 6 seconds from  Ian Cleaver and Claire Overstall, with CJ 3rd, Graham Potter 4th, Paul W/A 5th and John Magrath 6th.

    Series: well its a bit early for comments, and, just like Formula 1, we've had 5 different winners from 5 races in the Scratch series. I have yet to get around to combining the points for people who have sailed in multiple classes. When I do that series places will change - Mike Storey will come out ahead of Kevin for instance, because both will be counting a 1st and a 2nd, but Mike (& Sophie) will get the tiebreak on last race. Paul Wright-Anderson will also have a 1st and a 2nd too. But until we have, really, 4 races counting in the series, I think that the series places are at best misleading. The Personal Handicap leader won't change when I combine the results: Ian and Claire are the only ones with a 1st and a 2nd, but this series too has 5 winners from 5 races. I've just glanced back through old results, and I couldn't see a Wednesday series which has had 5 separate winners in the 1st 5 races.

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