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Wednesday 16th May

  • It wasn’t drizzling. No honestly, really, it actually wasn’t drizzling when we got there.  There wasn’t very much of any significance in the way of breeze either, but it wasn’t drizzling…


    Not a night in which you wanted to get more than about 15 feet away from the start line when your warning flag went up, but it wasn’t drizzling. I would say that by the time the fast fleet started the Solos had got around two thirds of the way up the beat so it was very quiet indeed – but not drizzling.


    Paul Playle seemed to find the way up the first couple of legs, which from time to time both seemed to be beats, but after about the third Solo the three starts had all got well entwined half way round the lap – some twenty minutes into a very slow, but drizzle free race.  Paul held his lead to the end of the race, two more legs without drizzle later… 35 minutes may have been a rather short race, but a second lap might have kept the tail end of the fleet out until midnight and, even without the drizzle, I suspect the S flag was very welcome.


    Irritatingly a quite reasonable sailing breeze came in once folks were getting off the water and packing up their boats, but as there was no drizzle with it I suppose one couldn’t complain too much.  Results, well one would normally expect the Solos to dominate in these conditions, but the six drizzle free minutes between them and the fast boat start was almost windless, and they didn’t quite have the dominance you might have expected; Paul Wright-Anderson won by a mile in his Rooster un-Laser, with Paul Playle second, Richard Barker 3rd in his Phantom, Gareth Griffiths (Solo) 4th, Carl Mayhew (RS200) 5th and CJ Cavalleri (Solo)6th, whilst in the personal handicap the first two were the same with Kirstie Johnson (RS200) 3rd, CJ 4th, Ian Hamilton (RS400) 5th and  Dave Nunn (RS600) 6th; the series results are here.


    Did I mention that it didn't drizzle all night?