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Wednesday Series Week 3 May 9th

  • Drizzle and overcast. Who would have guessed? Much stress getting to the club too, with traffic jams all over the place. Rumour has it there's a bunch of tarting up and patching up of various roads going on for the damn Olympic cycling. Perish the thought that the roads might look scruffy on the TV... Anyway I digress...

    The start line was set a bit behind the leeward mark to make it easier to manage a bank start with a rather minimal and traffic jam bound race team. On reflection this wasn't ideal, because some folks didn't spot the outer distance, which was near to the moored rescue boats, and were confused about where the line was... Course was approaching a square I think: certainly a long run and a shy reach to the finish.

    I have to confess I didn't spend enough time watching the racing to give you much of a report: I was busy keeping my head out of the drizzle and getting ready to do the results. There was a fearsome battle going on between the two leading Solos - I think I recall seeing them overlapped at the leeward mark on one lap, maybe even the second one. It all looked pretty close, and so it proved on corrected time, with the top 5 correcting out within 20 seconds of the winner, and the top 8 within a minute. Top 6 on the scratch scoring were Gareth Griffiths (Solo), Mike Storey (Laser Eps), Carl Mayhew (RS 600),Julie Harrison (RS 200), Paul Playle (Solo) and Evan Cairns (Lase ).  In the personal handicap Graham Potter (Albacore) won by quite a margin, but the next few, Mike Storey (Laser Eps), Ian Cleaver (RS 200), Carl Mayhew (RS 600), Julie Harrison (RS 200) & Paul Playle (Solo),  were if anything even closer.

    Full results are here. With our half the races minus one scoring system its one race to count from three, so the placings don' t mean much yet, but my goodness its looking like a close series. I've now uploaded the series placings, such as they are.

    There are a couple of 'features' of the results for now. Where people have sailed two different classes in the series I have not, so far, got round to combining their results. Its a nuisance to do and I've been lazy and put it off. That also explains why Paul Wright-Anderson gets two lots of OOD points for week three. The second is there are some small changes in finishing position from those on the screen on Wednesday and the web site up to now, since I had somehow managed to use last year's handicap for the Laser EPS, and the results were so close that it actually made a difference. So apologies to those who have just dropped a place.

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